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Colourful 3D Platformer Poi Coming To Nintendo Switch Later This Year

Currently available on Steam, a 3D platformer called Poi is coming to Nintendo Switch. Poly Kid Games announced the news via Twitter today. No solid release date was given but we can expect it later this year, according to the developer. You can check out a trailer for the title at the bottom of this post.


Coming from their official description on Steam:

Poi is a 3D platformer featuring two kids on a grand adventure to unravel the mysteries of the Milky Way Globe. Explore uncharted lands, compete in challenge levels, meet quirky characters and defeat comical creatures on a journey to become a Master Explorer.

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17 thoughts on “Colourful 3D Platformer Poi Coming To Nintendo Switch Later This Year”

      1. To anyone its own, I’m not saying it’s a bad game, otherwise I would have just said that, I said it’s looking bare. It would not satisfy me, but probably would satisfy my children.

      1. Well. We know Super Mario since the beginning and even I grow up and be old I always say Super Mario was and is still a great game.

        This game came out from nowhere but this probably is a Indie game created by few people in compared to Nintendo where they are a videogame industry for maaaaaany years.

        In summary: Both games are awesome even if they born in two different ages.

  1. Yes! All we need now is the date for Yooka-Laylee, followed by Lobodestroyo, Spark the Electric Jester, and Undertale.

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