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FIFA On Nintendo Switch Will Apparently Be Missing Two Key Features

We know that the FIFA title for the Nintendo Switch won’t be FIFA 18 but a customised game for the Nintendo Switch. A new trailer dropped today for FIFA 18 on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and its emerged that the Nintendo Switch FIFA will be missing two key components. Firstly the game won’t be running on the traditional Frostbite engine which improved FIFA 17 no end, and secondly the game won’t feature the Journey mode which again first appeared in last year’s FIFA 17. We should get a better look at what to expect from FIFA on Nintendo Switch at EA Play this month.


100 thoughts on “FIFA On Nintendo Switch Will Apparently Be Missing Two Key Features”

    1. Only replying to you so more people can see this. There are a couple of different issues with the source. For one nothing at all in the source shows proof of anything about the switch version. The article even talked about the old quote from Tom Phillips that Peter Moore address directly about was not correct. I don’t even know why this was even posted. No truth at all about the switch in that article.

  1. So another shit console made by Nintendo that only have mario and zelda games and all the other games are just shit ports or does not even exist. Well done one Shitendo you made another Mario Console for kids.

      1. It is nintendo fault Not EA. ps4 got the full support. IF it was EA fault then Ps4 could had the same treatment but its not. Somehow All the Nintendrones always blame Ubisoft-EA or what ever other company throwing Logical Shit on the Shitendo.

        It is always Nintendo fault so enjoy another Shit outdated Mario gaming machine with nice “On the go” (for 2 hours ) Graphics.

        Payday 2 on switch getting it all? holly shit. The first and maybe the only game on the switch with “realistic” and not cartoon graphics!!! Im looking forward now!!!! im sure the New Gta or witcher will come on switch now too.. hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha

      2. Wow Thanos vasiliou you must have a very sad life if you have so much time to spend on a website dedicated to a console manufacturer that you despise so much… you will find that real players (Switch, PS4 or other) are too busy playing games to participate in such puerile endeavours… just fuck off and play on your PS4… or can’t you find any games that grab your attention? :)

      3. WOW alexis bergeret you must live with many illusions in your life believing that i am here just to hate Nintendo do you believe on the santa claus also? I dont have ps4 and i got switch is this a plot twist?
        Yes yes i know i hurt your feelings about your stupid company Go play Mario now

        Also LMAOSHMSFO There you go. Sw-7650-0724-5321 Sammus2
        “FRIEND CODE” hahahahahahaha 2017.

        1. Oh no, you burned me, I am soooo burned!

          Seriously, what a retard… I know better than interacting with a troll, what am I doing RAAAA STOP TYPING NOW OR…..

    1. Traditionally, EA exemplifies lazy Devs. They hardly optimize so they always go for more power. Nothing new here.
      If Nintendo’s E3 is anything like E3 2009, Ninty wouldn’t be needing them. It’s not news that the switch is not all powerful… It’s a portable console with a home dock. What’s wierd is how we Nintendo fans keep expecting PS4 quality when we all welcomed the graphical compromises for portability with ARMS wide stretched.

      1. All Nintendo fans keep expecting ps4 quality? hahahahahhahahahah
        Ps4 is far far far away from the shitendo on quality. It is So far that Nintendo switch doesn’t even HAVE THESE GAMES on hes Library!!!!!!

        Also traditionally Nintendo making a shit outdated consoles and developers doesn’t want to follow art style shit so EA is like a legendary Developer in front on the Nintendo console skills. Like watchdogs on wii u it was running like 20fps all the time. So it was ubisoft fault? Nop. It was Nintendo all over again making shit console and expecting for developers to learn the shitendo way to develop the game.

        Always Developers are laughing On nintendo’s consoles. And everyone knows it. But the Nintendrones are living in a Kirby world where everything is NOT nintendo fault. and having for God the developers behind the FAST RMX as a fact that there are developers who knows how to create…Lmao…

      2. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

        ||The only ones expecting PS4 level graphics are not loyalists…||

      1. holy shit you are even dumber than your own self !!! you just break the law of the dumbness!!!

        Thouse people you mention are not EXIST. Nintendrone commander and “nowhere Man-drone”.
        And why they are not exist?
        People should expecting ps4 games with SWITCH GRAPHICS. This is the REALITY
        but Guess what!!! There is a big No for ps4 games to come to the switch on the future once again because Shitendo make a weak console.

        Also To excecting Ps4 lvl graphics on switch is like an UPGRADE thought. Not stupidity Because Switch doesn’t even have THESE games to be compared with ps4 with graphics. Switch is in lower lvl and you cant even think to compare games on switch with ps4 while they are not even exists!!

        When the switch will get all these games and only THEN the switch will be in the same lvl with ps4 with full third party support. And when the switch reach that lvl people who expent ps4 graphics are going to be “CoD” players since the switch is a small tablet. but atleast GOT these games with atleast SWITCH graphics. But hey…not gonna happend. And then nintendo is telling you go buy a smart phone if you like to use voice chat. Then nintendo is telling you go buy a ps4 or xbox if you like to play gta 5-6, witcher 3-4 and all the rest games of the world. And then again Nintendrones Like the commandrone quadraxis coming and fucking dare to speak? and you think i will treat you with respect and love? iGo play mario

        Im talking about Big games so dont answer me with games like “rime” or “Minecraft” that ps4 also got. im talking about the games that switch will NEVER GET for STUPID reassons!.

  2. And then they’ll be “shocked” when it doesn’t sell and pull support because of it. I’d love to watch this game crash and burn while Skyrim succeeds.

      1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

        ||The Electrons have been doing this not only to us but PC users as well for over a decade, learn gaming history traitor…||

      2. Nintendo consoles actually have pretty high standards. They’re the most reliable gaming hardware you can get. Did you not see the 1,000 ft drop test?

      1. I’m assuming by “normal console” you mean something similar to what MS and Sony have. Do you really think that would’ve been a good idea? Nintendo has tried going head to head with them before, and historically it hasn’t worked out well. Nintendo has to do what is best for their business. They can either take the competion head on, or cater to an untapped portion of the market. The massive success of the Wii, compared to the relative failures of the N64 and Gamecube, suggests that Nintendo’s best move is to do its own thing and leave the competition to their own thing. I know a lot of people don’t like this, but it’s simply the reality of Nintendo’s current existence.

        I’ve said this before. If 3rd parties want to see success on the Switch, their best bet is to create unique gaming experiences that can only be found on Switch. Simply porting games from other platforms will be met with failure. If people have the option to get a better version of the game elsewhere, they will. That’s just how it works.

      2. @ridley Some people might opt for this version (or both) just because they can bring it on the go and play it with co workers on lunch breaks

        simple ports might not necessarily be met with failure this time around, i guess we’ll see

      3. @ LMAOSHMSFO

        I’m actually one of those people. If a multiplat game came to Switch, I would get it simply for the extra portability; assuming that it didn’t suffer from any major problems (i.e. performance issues, bugs, missing features, etc.) The experince of being able to take your console games with you at a moments notice is simply amazing. It’s something that I don’t think people without a Switch can fully appreciate. I didn’t until I first brought my Switch out of the house.

        So far though, I’m not compelled to get any of the major 3rd party games announced. I’m not interested in putting another 300 hours into Skyrim, I’m not into Basketball, and Fifa will apparently be missing one of the modes that made ’17 great. I’m not sure yet about Payday and DB Xenoverse. I’ve never played either of them so I have to wait and see how they are.

        P.S. Sorry to nintendroid for the spam comments. The system is imperfect.

      4. Sure but Nintendo used to rule the market so you could blame them for the rise of Sony and Microsoft. I witnessed the rise of Sony myself and they had a way bigger library than the N64 possibly because they used discs and Nintendo had a weird controller+catridge. Final Fantasy 7’s early build was a n64 game not a ps1 game so something wen’t wrong on Nintendo’s side. That said the WII might be a huge succes for Nintendo but It was a huge loss to me as a gamer unlike the N64 wich atleast had a bunch of legendary games.

      5. Ridleyslayer i dont wonna destroy your kirby world because i love you. But i will do it anyway.

        You just have your whole point of view in the full wrong (by far) Side.
        Focus on my next words. “You are not a member on the Nintendo Company You are A gamer the sales on the N64 and gamecube are irrelevant to you. You are a gamer and you only need grat games and many games on your console” Yes nintendo has tried that and failed. And this is how you failed. This is Nintendo problem not yours. You should seek always strong console like n64 and gamecube while these consoles failed to Nintendo like you said they didn’t failed for the games whou bought them. and there get born the most legendary games nintendo ever made like Ocarina of time. majora mask, Metroid prime.mario 64, mario sunshine, do i need to keep going? You see the patern? The sales are irrelevant to you, like i said you are a GAMER but all the people think they are members on the nintendo company and they care so much for the sales compared to the other consoles

        Nintendo failed to push crazy sales with the strong consoles in the past then they changed strategy and they went with gimmicks. Now the gimmick wii u failed even more for Nintendo and for first time FOR gamers also!!! and dont try to bring me it has great games IM NOT talking about the games wii u have. im talking about the Nintendo games wii u doesn’t have compared to hes real competitors N64-gc-wii.
        So Wii u Gimmick failed and they move on with another “gimmick” the nintendo switch. ( i put marks on the gimmick word for switch on porpuse and i didn’t put them on wii u because it is the real gimmick)
        and switch is already failing to give third party support and nintendo is telling us “You want witcher 4″? go buy a ps4….”you want a voice chat”? go buy a phone……………..
        Nintendo had a good idea to make the Nintendo switch but Nintendo cant support there own idea…and making it just a portable machine with a dock connector to the tv..and not a home console+Handled machine together. They should try to create a dock that gives SLI power and when the switch go on dock
        it should reah even further than ps4…so they can have a special unique console and remain THE final New idea console for ever. and all the rest of them should be like switch 2 or 3-4 and not make a new console with different shits again from the start.

        !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Once again you are a gamer not a Nintendo member. wake up dont support the “sales” strategy. SUPPORT your SELF. as a GAMER and seek back the Gamecube power lvl ERA! with the great Games gamecube had also + graphics!!! But nintendo now have great games lower graphics. i bet Breath of the wild how much better it could look if it was a gamecube pro now on ps4 pro lvl….!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Still i will follow Shitendo cause i have to play the great games even with lower graphics…cause Shitendo keeps them hostages on the “Gimmick” idea debuff….

      6. @ Thanos vasiliou

        Lol It’s always a pleasure talking to you Thanos. First, as a gamer, I liked the Wii, as well as the N64 and Gamecube. There were a ton of great games on the Wii. I still have a backlog for it. I like the Switch as well. The Wii U is the only Nintendo console I can say I’m disappointed with in retrospect.

        Second, I said the N64 and Gamecube were “relative” failures; meaning that, compared to the Wii, they weren’t nearly as successful as Nintendo might have hoped. The N64 and Gamecube actually were financially successful. Nintendo was profiting the entire time they were out. They just weren’t the massive successes that the Wii was.

        Third, I think you should know that I own stock in Nintendo. I am financially invested in the company. So their financial success does in fact partially lead to my financial success, and I have a very good reason to care about sales.

        Fourth, even if I wasn’t financially invested in Nintendo; as a gamer, I still have a good reason to care about Nintendo’s financial situation. When Nintendo does well financially, they are able to continue operations. I like Nintendo. I enjoy their content. As a gamer, I want them to continue, and in order for them to continue, they need the sales. So I in fact should care about how well they’re doing.

    1. Snake Pass running so well? snake pass? HAHAHAHHAHA WHO THE FUCK CARE for THIS GAME. lEGO CITY ALSO RUNS WELL? a lego game? HAHAhaHAH
      Good try tho…Now wake up and make a connect with the realilty. Im talking about big games like shadow of mordor or destiny 2 or witcher 4 or red redemption 2 games that should come on the fucking SWITCH with Switch graphics i dont care how bad they are. instent for having the SHITENDO telling me GO AND BUY A PS4 and spend MORE MONEY. so you can have thouse games that even XBOX GOT.

        1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

          ||Go and play your suicidal machine, we don’t need impurities around here…||

        1. lol seriously you’re not fooling anyone. You can do better than this. Go home and regroup. You’re making yourself look even more pathetic that usual. I’m actually embarrassed for you right now.

    1. Each time you make a comment the Commadrone quadroneaxis is running to reply on you like a crazy bitch..what have you done to him? well never mind just look how he will support Ninty like he is some kind of a member on the company..while he is a gamer…

      I was here on Wii u era and i was watching-laughing on the Nintendrones on this site who was attacking on EVERY company who was declining the wii u.
      Like project cars or watch dogs delay..and everyone…(when i am saying everyone i mean the nintendrones on this site not the normal people on this site) was like Shit to EA!! who need the games from them! Shit to ubisoft!! who need games from them!! SHit to rockstar!! who needs Shit Gta from them!! Shit to each company who dont support Nintendo Stupid gimmick ideas!!!!!!!!!!
      Now the same shit happening again. Games will come on switch with less features than the other companies or not come at all. and all the Nintendrones will blame EA or bungie for destiny 2 and all the rest companies…
      While it is Nintendo Fucking FAULT. for making a weak console like the switch.
      As a portable console is very powerfull anyway. but it supposed to be a hybrid…..where are the Home console games then……….only Nintendo “mario games” once again…

  3. After the huge dissapointment with the WII, WII U, and now probally the switch i’m done spending money on Nintendo hardware. 35 years of hardcore support thrown in the thrash by bad decisions, thanks allot Nintendo!

    1. So did I, but I want to play them on a Nintendo console so I don’t need a second console. Specially since there bad choices are the reason for this lack of great third party games. For me it feels like a big **** you to the people that made Nintendo great when 95% of the world didn’t care for video games to begin with.

      1. He knows that. He’s saying you don’t have to write the stars. You can write curse words. You won’t get banned for them. Unless you use them to viciously attack another commenter, then you might.

  4. Im going to wait on further details before deciding on this game but it ain’t sounding too good. Personally wouldn’t affect me cus I don’t care about sports games but If true I see this being bad for Europe since they love FIFA

    1. Pretty much everyone in europe watches it but its not just Europe don’t forget its the biggest sport in the world by far. South America, Europe, Africa , russia are all huge for Football even the Arabic and asian part of the world are becoming bigger and bigger atm.

  5. Aaaaaaaannnnd here we go with the half assed third party support. I don’t get it. EA must have known how this would be recieved. Why are these devs so lazy??

  6. EA is a damn joke. These clowns actually believe their IPs are the only games people buy lol.
    As I sat there and thought about the countless Japanese devs, who are making high end games on the Switch, not once have any EA, Activision, Take Two, or bioware game peaked my interest. Right now the best devs are Japanese devs who, btw, are supporting the Switch. I don’t like these western game companies and I can’t stand their entitled asinine narcissistic attitudes towards the consumer base.
    After the Switch sell over 50 mil, and Switch owners aren’t even thinking about these so-called AAA companies and their microtransaction riddled crap games, I guarantee these self righteous a!@holes are gonna find some way to make it seem like it’s the consumer’s fault as to why these western companies aren’t releasing their dumbass crap onto the Switch.
    BTW it’s not Nintendo or the consumer’s job to sell these f!@#ing 3rd party games, it’s the publishers job, so if companies like EA aren’t making any money from their games on Nintendo consoles then maybe they should take a long ass gander into a f!@#ing mirror to see who the real problem is for their failures!
    EA is just butthurt that Nintendo fans aren’t gullible enough to fall for their microtransaction bullsh!t, and I say f!@k EA and the rest of these western douchebags who have the same mindset as them!
    I’ll be playing Arms, Splatoon and every other Japanese game this year and will forget EA even exist, like I always do.

    1. BTW Pokemon Stars and MHXX is coming to the Switch, and last I checked both of those games are huge sellers, so Nintendo really REALLY doesn’t need EA, Activision, Ubi, Bioware or Take Two tbh. This isn’t fanboyism talking either, these are just stone cold facts based off of sales numbers from Pokemon games alone lol:D

      1. I get your point. The Switch has put Nintendo in a unique position. Because it is a hybrid system it is going to court a lot of Japanese devs who produce high quality games that previously flocked to Nintendo handhelds. However, this is damaging to Nintendo. A lot of people don’t want to spend hundreds to buy 2 systems. They’d prefer to have those great Nintendo exclusives like Pokemon and great third-party titles on the same platform. This is one reason I’m still on the fence about Switch.

  7. And third-parties wonder why their titles never sell on Nintendo home systems? I’m not expecting a fucking PS4 experience on Switch but I know I and a lot of other people who primarily game on Nintendo systems would appreciate if these titles have care put into them and are not stripped of features.

    1. Just to play devil’s advocate for a second, we should consider that maybe it was a technical problem that prevented them from including those modes. Im sure if FIFA 17 could be ported successfully they would do it. This is probably close to the best they could do with the hardware.

  8. They are dumbing the game down on purpose. The Frostbite engine might be a technical issue, but the missing Journey mode definitely isn’t! This is EA’s way of showing Switch owners the middle finger!

  9. I was actually hoping to get a fully featured modern FIFA game for Switch with nothing held back. Buuttttt I guess EA just doesn’t give a sh*t about Switch owners. I was definitely going to buy this now I’m most likely not.

  10. So where is the link to that info? Doesn’t sound like proof as you just repeated what is said in the article… how does the trailer show that this is the case?

  11. EA being EA as usual. I was actually gonna buy the game for the first time in years, heck, even buying it every two years to show my support. But no. We’re getting a half assed game with missing features and still asking for full retail price. Now I’m not gonna pay them at all. I’ll just buy it used from someone else for a much reasonable price when available.
    EA really pissed me off, always coming up with excuses and are a bunch of lazy assholes. Epic Games with their Unreal Engine 4 worked hard to get the it ruining on the Switch flawless and I respect them a lot for that. EA is the complete opposite. They’re not trying at all, they don’t work hard, and always recycles their games. If they actually put work and effort into it, they can get the Frostbite Engine work on the Switch, but no. They just want money without caring the customer. I’m over EA for good, even on other consoles.

  12. This is exactly why I think Nintendo should pursue the Action Sports market in a big way. If they’re not going to be a destination for FIFA/Madden/NBA/etc, then they need to offer a compelling alternative like that.

    It’s a genre that doesn’t quite have the support it did back during the late-90s/early Aughts, but the fact that Ubisoft is porting over Steep gives Nintendo a unique opportunity. If Nintendo can supply one of their own Action Sports games other than Snowboarding (Wave Race/Excite/etc) to compliment Steep, then they could make the Switch synonymous with Action Sports in a similar fashion to how League Sports are synonymous with Xbox. Too, this is a system you can take with you. I couldn’t think of a more perfect platform to match with skateboarding and the like.

  13. The funny thing about this is that the “not powerful enough” argument would be invalid, because FIFA doesn’t need much power at all.

    Seriously, look at the PC version of FIFA 17, it could run on an potatoe. It isn’t using any of what PS4 or Xbox One are capable of and if they would put even a little bit of effort into this, the same game would proobably even run on an PS3 without a problem, with Frostbite and all.
    But this is EA…

  14. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at PS4 while Awaiting Greatness on Switch!}

    Prediction: this is just the beginning of more & more bad news for Switch. Could Nintendo’s newest gimmick be holding Switch back like the Gamepad gimmick held back Wii U? I guess we’ll find out eventually. :/

    1. bad news?, like the one about you defending a retard who watches bestiality because he is obssessed with being hardcore..
      white knight kalas, bring the dog to the altar for our lord has needs..

      – Church of Sasori

  15. I knew this was too good to be true. I seriously don’t want to hear them complain about this title not selling.

    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||They will, they have had a vendetta against us since the late 80’s by human timeline, they can still not stand that we had global Nintendominaion back then…||

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  17. All right… this is getting ridiculous… I call bull. EA is a lazy, greedy dev. Nintendo specifically catered to third parties with the Switch. They dropped their proprietary development tools in favor of, not one, but several industry standards. They used off-the-shelf and industry standard tech for the innards of the Switch. EA has no technical excuse whatsoever. Nintendo are actively wooing third parties and even tried to mend fences with a company that released a grand total of what? Three games on their previous console? All on disc and never offered via eShop? All because they wanted to take over Nintendo’s online sales via the disastrous Origin platform? BS. Complete BS. EA can rot along with the legendary developers they engulfed and destroyed. RIP Maxis, Bioware, etc.

  18. I have FIFA and don’t F#$ck with sports games, but this time of sh*t already happens with Nintendo why can’t we get the Dave thing everybody else got, we get the waterd down versions.. That’s even if we do get a version..

    It’s the future now and this stuff is still going on.. Technology has advanced, should be no excuse.

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