Nintendo Switch

The Pepsi Fire Has Become The Nintendo Switch’s “Perfect Co-Op Partner This Summer”

At this point, it may not be an easy task to remember the partners and sponsors Nintendo has accumulated for promotion of the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo of America has recently added to that list with a tweet promoting a collaboration with Pepsi for the console, where the company declared that the Pepsi Fire is the “perfect co-op partner this summer”. We’ve included the tweet down below, so feel free to check it out.




    1. I wouldn’t risk it as then it’d just cause a riot for the Switch. lol Least that’s what Nintendo would have us believe because of the low stock.


    1. Agreed. Pepsi hasn’t tasted good in quite a long time. Maybe that one commercial of theirs awhile back is right, though. Maybe only kids can truly appreciate the taste. lol

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      1. Same old, same old. Someone expresses their negative opinion about Nintendo, someone takes it personal & calls them a troll, hater, or whatever other word ya can think of, the person expressing negative opinion retaliates by calling that person who took said negative opinion personally a fanboy, person that took opinion personally retaliates right back as if they were the victim from the beginning because they feel any negative opinion directed at Nintendo is also directed at them, so on & so forth.


      2. I don’t know about solving fights but I can definitely use the Switch to stop a fight by using the Switch itself to knock the other guy out. lol

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      3. “If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!” :D Amirite!? lol (Your comment fits perfectly with that movie line!)

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  1. Cinnamon soda sounds… not good. I’ve had cinnamon whiskey shots/Fireball before- gagged from it for the next 45 minutes. Never again.

    I’ll stick to soda that refrains from adding cinnamon, thank you very much.


    1. Hah! I just got that! (Peter Griffin would have got that sooner than me, though.)

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      1. If he did, it’s news to me. (I’m referring to other times some jokes that some might frown upon that he himself got.)


      2. You might be getting confused by that time he grew a mustache & it got burned off when he saved that food franchise mogul’s life.


      3. It’s the episode where Peter had a stroke & tried to sue the McBurgerKing guys but lost then met a cow, voiced by the awesome, late Ricardo Montalban, when trying to find dirt to get back at the company “for causing him to have a stroke from eating too many of their burgers” which was his own damn fault for eating so many in such a short time period. lol

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