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Call Of Duty: World War II Isn’t Currently Coming To Switch

The Call of Duty series is returning to World War II, but it doesn’t look like it will be returning a Nintendo console anytime soon. When asked on Twitter about a potential Switch version of the upcoming game, Sledgehammer Games’ development officer said that it isn’t in the works. While he suggested that it could come eventually, it doesn’t look too promising. Would you like to playing COD on the Switch? Tell us below.


    1. it will get randomly announced in august like it usually does, but I still wouldn’t get it. Not a lot of people will buy it and the lobby will be basically empty except team deathmatch

        1. “weird…your mother have different opinion..i saw her yesterday playing with my..pokeballs”

          (sorry commander i couldn’t resist he insult the pokemon games while he doesn’t even have a the most small clue for how DEEP optimising and strategy pokemon got )

  1. @Josh what the heck?

    No plans DOES NOT mean “not coming.”

    “Hmm, I may or may not come over for Christmas” = BLUKY IS NEVER COMING HOME AGAIN. Get your junk straight, you’re all beginning to become experts in “click this article”++

    1. I’ve edited Josh’s headline for everyone. Sorry if its caused anyone distress! Doesn’t sound like it’s coming to the platform, but we shall soon find out in the coming days!

      1. Don’t pander to such a childish comment. I’ve never even seen that commenter before, and either way, their comment is reaching at semantics. We all know how the whole “no plans” usually ends up when it comes to third party on Nintendo. Bluky needs to go grab his pacifier and stop crying over nothing.

    2. “No plans” means that it will not come within a year which means it will never come.

    1. Most Call of Duty games omitted the Wii for lack of Power…. The Wii survived. There’s nothing new here. All I want to know is why the developers are now skipping the switch because.. . Obviously, it has nothing to do with a lack of Power.. .. EA already proved that.

      1. I’m curious myself. EA has taken the chance of downgrading Fifa a bit so that they can release it on Switch. Now I’m not completely familiar with all the costs involved in porting a game to a system, but I have to imagine that Fifa makes enough profit each year that even if EA loses money on the Switch version, they’ll still come out with an overall profit.

        CoD should be the same way. It’s always extremely successful. Porting the game to Switch shouldn’t involve much risk. It’d be a good test to see if the Switch is worth supporting in the future.

  2. We don’t need this game. We need Overwatch. And after I saw the trailer of Skyrim with amiibo support I think Jeff must put the same thing on the Switch.


    Me: SHUT UP!

  3. Why are developers still being skiddish with the Switch? It’s selling well! It’s not a Wii U. Watch these same developers turn around and kick themselves for being cowardly fools when the Switch keeps succeeding

  4. As soon as it’s revealed Fifa 2018 is downgraded for the Switch, suddenly all of these games start getting “not coming to the Switch” taglines. The hits just keep on coming.

  5. Like I said, Switch won’t be the one to get this kind of third party support. It will probably only happen when Nintendo makes another console similar to the other two. And knowing Nintendo, that probably won’t ever happen again. Switch’s fate has already been sealed. It’s another Nintendo box.

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