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Nicalis Has Announced Blade Strangers, A Crossover Fighting Game Coming To Switch

Nicalis has confirmed a brand new game that is coming to multiple platforms, including the Nintendo Switch.  The game is called Blade Strangers, a crossover fighting game. The game is a crossover because it contains characters from Cave Story, Code of Princess, and Umihara Kawase. The gameplay intends to “mix the dynamics and speed of Guilty Gear and Street Fighter with the easy inputs of Super Smash Bros”. No release date was shared, but they did show off the game in a segment on Twitch’s E3 stream, and we also got to see a ton of screenshots. We’ve included a video of the segment and a gallery with the screenshots down below, so feel free to check them out.

Source 1 / Source 2 / Source 3

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  1. }{ The character animations and game speed make it look like they are trying to fight with Jupiter levels of gravity… It looks slow, with sluggish animations that have waaaay too much weight to them… Ah well… There are plenty of other fighting games out there… }{

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  2. Nice to see that 2D fighting games are still relevant. SFIV and SFV look ugly with 3D renders.

    Maybe a Marvel vs Capcom 2-style Sonic game could be a thing one day.


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