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The Legend Of Zelda: BOTW Master Trials Expansion Pack DLC Announced

During the Nintendo E3 Spotlight a new DLC has been announced for The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. This will be arriving on 30th June, 2017.

This includes a Hero’s Path Mode, Trial of the Sword, new armour being added to the game and also a brand new Korok Mask. We will keep you posted with details on the DLC as it arrives.


9 thoughts on “The Legend Of Zelda: BOTW Master Trials Expansion Pack DLC Announced”

  1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at PS4 while Awaiting Greatness on Switch!}

    Yay! It’s coming sooner rather than later! Least DLC pack 1, anyway. Although, I’m sure we’ll get that sooner rather than later, too. While I hoped DLC pack 1 would come before it’s placeholder date, I didn’t expect it to come THIS sooner as I was expecting at least late August. So with this in mind, I expect DLC pack 2 to come mid-November at the latest & October at the earliest.

    Still, I think I’ll continue with my plan of beating Assassin’s Creed Unity & Ezio Trilogy til October then start on Origins as nearly 3 months spent on Breath of the Wild was enough time spent on it for now.

  2. I don’t usually buy DLC in games. But I feel like I’d be INSANE not to buy this. I’d love any excuse I can get to return to this game. I’ve been sad ever since I defeated Ganon. This is the type of game I wish could last forever. Even after completing the game, I haven’t had much heart to start playing something else. This game got under my skin like a tattoo. I SHALL BUY THE DLC!

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