Nintendo Switch

Splatoon 2 Runs At A Blazingly Fast 60fps And Is 1080p

The upcoming Splatoon 2 for the Nintendo Switch will run at 1080p and 60fps according to the game’s developers. The news was announced during the Nintendo E3 Treehouse stream where the team demonstrated the intense horde mode, Salmon Run. Splatoon 2 launches on the Nintendo Switch in July and is sure to be a hit with both fans and newcomers.

Treehouse staff: We are running the game 60fps, 1080p.
Splatoon 2’s producer: That’s correct. You’ve done your research.




    1. I’d say that’s probably your tv pulling some upscaling tricks. I just played BotW for the first time today on my new 4k Samsung with motion smoothing and HDR, and it looks simply amazing. It looks like it’s running higher than 1080p at 60fps.


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