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Super Mario Odyssey Producer Talks About The Origin Of Capture Mechanic

The biggest revelation from the Super Mario Odyssey E3 trailer was the plumber’s new ability to control enemies and objects. By throwing his new hat at various things, Mario can control a moustache wearing version of said object. In a Reddit AMA with Nintendo’s Yoshiaki Koizumi, Reddit user jeffiip asked about the inspiration for this new ability. Koizumi quickly replied by talking about his desire to get away from traditional power-ups. Check out the ongoing AMA here.

How did you come up with the mechanic of Mario possessing enemies and objects?

So when we wanted to create Mario games this time around we wanted to focus on the actions Mario can do and in previous Mario games he was able to get power-ups and new abilities. But this time around when we were making many different prototypes and changed our approach that found capturing or “possessing” enemies worked well so we stuck with that.




  1. Honestly, this new mechanic will change the dynamic of the new Mario game in such a new, positive, and interesting way, that it will probably beat out Galaxy. I am getting super strong vibes from Odyssey.

    Breath of the Wild revolutionized Zelda and openworld games in general and Odyssey looks like it will revolutionize the Mario franchise, as well as platformers/adventure games.

    Super, super stoked. Also… Pauline <3 (now my dreams of her coming to MK are closer than ever!)

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    1. So they brought Pauline back, eh? I wonder who she’s dating now that Mario is most likely with Peach.


    1. Ahh, Geist. One of the gems of the Gamecube that honestly deserve a remaster instead of a simple Virtual Console port.

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