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Splatoon 2’s Salmon Run Allows The Difficulty To Be Raised To A Staggering 200%

Splatoon 2’s arrival on the Nintendo Switch is just around the corner but we’re still getting tidbits of information fed through our favourite team at Squid Research Labs. During the Nintendo Treehouse live streams, the game’s development team revealed that Salmon Run’s difficulty level could be raised beyond 100% and up to a staggering 200%, making for extreme paint wars.

The four player mode can be played in either online or local multiplayer and focuses on defeating waves of enemies, defending your turf and collecting Golden Eggs, all in the name of research. If a level is cleared, the difficulty will be raised in increments of 5% to allow for extended and more difficult team battles.  Gameplay shown during the Treehouse streams emphasised the need for communication between the four players, with each player being able to push their distress signal by the way of a help button if things get a bit too sticky on the battle front. The developers reminded players that no one battle will be the same due to the enemies spawn rate, the spread of players against enemies and even the weapons used. Other information shared in the stream included:

  • Salmon Run was created in order to utilise the Switch’s portability.
  • It was made for four players for versatility and primarily for local multiplayer mode as communication is key.
  • Collecting more golden eggs than is required in a level will give you better rewards.
  • Some special gear can only be unlocked in Salmon Run through the collection of golden eggs.

Splatoon 2 will be released for the Nintendo Switch on July 21.

Source: Nintendo Treehouse

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  1. Does it have split screen in docked mode then? Or even single player option like COD zombies? I certainly hope so

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