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Nintendo Switch Generated A Higher Percentage Of Positive Reactions Than Xbox One X

Both Nintendo and Microsoft had E3 presentations that focused on their new hardware, Nintendo announcing games for the recently released Switch and Microsoft introducing fans to the upcoming Xbox One X. While Microsoft passed their competitors in terms of social media mentions, a larger percentage of Nintendo’s mentions were actually positive. Only 38% of the reactions to the new Xbox were positive, whereas 51% of the Nintendo-based comments were positive. This is great news for Nintendo, the Switch continuing to receive buzz from gamers. Check out a full dissection of E3 2017’s social media here.


21 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Generated A Higher Percentage Of Positive Reactions Than Xbox One X”

    1. Hardy har. No! is the Xbox1 successor! … Well, that’s the Xbox S. Umm.. It’s the new Xbox, the slim one! But don’t ask for the slim one or you’ll get the S by accident.

      Just make sure when you check stock at a store this fall, you call ahead. Because “Xbox S” and “Xbox X” don’t sound the same at ALL over the phone.

      I forsee no problems or confustion. You’re being silly again! The Xbox S is not an accessory… I mean X. … Fuck, they are so screwed.

        1. Agreed. I like it also. I’d love a reason to upgrade, but I don’t see one just yet. And although I get it “Xb1X -> XBOX” I suppose it’s clever, but “S” and “X” sound the same, and I do think it could be a real problem if they are not careful. They best have learned from Nintendo’s “Wii” mistakes!

  1. I’m a Nintendo fan, but it’s easy to note that the 38% of positive comments is still an higher number than the total (both positive & negative comments) of Nintendo-related comments. I know, this means almost nothing, but that’s it

  2. Wait, what’s the source of 51% Nintendo positive and 38% positive of Xbox? The source shows just Xbox and Sony has more mentions. Nothing about Positive.

  3. As an owner of everything the Switch is the system that has me excited the most so I’m not surprised.

    1. Im genuinely excited for the XOX, its games are fine, exclusives or not, but im really more excited about the Liquid cooling. I cant tell you how many times ive turned off my PS4 because of that damn fan. My XBO is quieter, but its still loud, So liquid cooling has me fucking hyped!

      1. Nice.

        I purchased the PS4 Pro to play game in 4K and I wasn’t that impressed with it tbh. Fingers crossed the Xbox X will do well.

        I have 2 Xbox Ones, one regular and the Slim and I’m happy with those…….for now. Even though I own a 4K TV 4K resolution in gaming doesn’t really bother me tbh. The core experience is still the same so that’s good enough for me.

  4. This means Nintendo still doing great. Nintendo will never let down his head for other companies who guys money for not see the game on the Nintendo consoles.

    That’s what I like the Nintendo.

    – Small things.
    – Good hardware
    – Good software
    – Nice support

    That’s what other companies don’t understand.

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