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ARMS Producers Say Art Designs Were Influenced By Dragon Ball And Akira

In a recent interview with Glixel, ARMS Art Director Masaaki Ishikawa was asked about his inspiration for the art design in the new title. Glixel noted that the art style is distinctive and in a similar vein to Splatoon. Ishikawa advised that he was influenced by both the Dragon Ball series and the anime film Akira.

Glixel asked “The art style is very distinctive, and is in a similar vein to Splatoon in a way. What’s the inspiration for the design, and is there a connection between the way the current Nintendo games look?” to which he responded, “Dragon Ball was definitely an influence on what we’re doing. I’ve loved that since I was a kid. The other big influence is Akira.”

ARMS was released worldwide on the 16th June on the Nintendo Switch and has received a Metacritic score of 77/100. You can check out our review here.




13 thoughts on “ARMS Producers Say Art Designs Were Influenced By Dragon Ball And Akira”

  1. I will see more a Pikkoro Daimaō if a dragon ball character has to be included. As for the influence, people nowaday see dragon has sh*t but in the 1985 it was a great anime, even now Dragon ball can still beat some animes. The problem with dragon ball is the hyper merchandising which come with it. And due to it success the series did not have a good evolution.

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