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The Nintendo Switch Version Of Monster Hunter XX Runs At 30 FPS

The Switch version of Monster Hunter XX was playable at the Monster Hunter Summit Tournament at Big Sight in Tokyo this weekend, which were some of the first events where gamers could get a hands-on look at the new version of the game. One of the folks that got to play the game was Gaijinhunter, a YouTuber and Monster Hunter expert. Gaijinhunter says that the Switch version of the game runs at 30 FPS. No new developments on release dates have been announced at this time, and we don’t even know if the Switch version will be heading to western regions yet, but now we know a little on how the Switch version of the game will run.



    1. And PC version will likely be capped at 30 fps, like the console versions, enjoy your 30fps.
      My PC is more than capable running Battlefield 1 on 144 Hz monitor on its full potential, but servers are capped to 30 and 60fps, since 90% of PC gamers do not have the hardware to run these games past or even at 60fps.

    2. Just to inform you mh4u don’t run 60fps in actual gameplay. If u turn 3D off, around 50+. In multiplayer it further drops more. I only play with stereoscopic on and definitely never get 60fps at all. 25-40 should be the norm for N3DS LL. That’s probably the reason why capcom reduces it n maintain 30fps throughout for crossplay.

  1. Someone saw something and thinks something on Frames Per Second. That’s not how an article works.

  2. This will send the framerate whores into a frenzy. I myself NEVER notice framerate issues. Other than the occasional freeze. Like when everyone complained about framerate drops in Breath Of The Wild. I never noticed anything.

    1. Same I never been a framerate and graphic whore but beening that type of person makes the game less fun to play if you have to nitpick about almost every barley noticeable details in a game it’s kinda funny to see how mess up generation is what happen to people actually being happy to get games and being able to play them no matter the graphics and framerate and today we have gamers that complaint all the time whether it’s Microsoft Nintendo or Sony there’s always a complaint no game company is perfect and I’m starting see that most gamers are asking and expecting way too much from video game company and that and a few decades we might end up losing all three companies

      1. I mean, they have a point. Though, to be honest, I think it was just a lazy dev team moreso than the Switch’s limitations. The game on the Switch looks awful. All they did was use less compressed versions of the textures. The lighting is bad, environmental effects are on a layer BEHIND standard effects. Nothing looks worse than distant brown dust kicked up by a monster showing clear as day in a foggy place.

        The game looks bad and fans should feel bad. I’ve never been huge on Monster Hunter’s 3DS visuals, but they always did the best they could with the hardware. This is an instance where the fans should be outraged, but instead they’re eating it right up. That’s like if Nintendo released Animal Crossing on the Switch, but the models weren’t upgraded since New Leaf, leaving every flaw visible with clarity, and the models looking obviously worse than on the Wii.

    1. THANK YOU! I thought I was alone in that sentiment. This port is terrible, and fans should realize that, but they don’t.

  3. I see Capcom has been kissing Sony’s ass lately.
    It’s funny how they invested all the big bucks on the PS3 back then but depended on 3ds Monster Hunter games for profit.

  4. ||The Capconians are becoming as corrupted like the Electron Army, well you won’t get my support anymore until you infidels start supporting us for real…||

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