Kimishima Says Nintendo Is “Aware There Are Many PC Users”

Something that Nintendo hasn’t talked about much is gaming on PC, and the company’s stance on it. Well, the Q&A section of Nintendo’s 77th annual shareholders meeting has resulted in the topic of PCs being brought up. Here’s what Nintendo President Kimishima had to say:

Q2: Game industry has 3 segments: mobile/consoles/PC. PC expanding greatly, programmers being birthed overseas. Does Nintendo plan to make PC software/hardware?
A2: Kimishima: We’re aware there are many PC users. Our unified soft/hardware approach is good. However, we also support smartphones. Thanks to smartphones, Nintendo IPs are recognized, leading to returns on console front. Please see videos of our E3 announcements.

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      1. Lol CEMU and Citra are already running Wii U and 3DS games full speed.

        X360 and PS3 emulators can’t run a single game in full speed as far as I know, although the PS3 one has been progressing well lately.


      2. I could see 3DS games easily running on PC the same for a lot of wii U games. As far as the PS3 & 360 not running smoothly I think it might be the teams behind the emulators slacking off or the games are difficult to emulate


      1. I hope not. I would rather see them becoming a software only company than closing down entirely. Some titles like Splatoon may be hindered as a result due to the hardware lacking some technical functions, but it’s better than the alternative.

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      2. Did you not read the part where I said “As long as they have their own hardware production”..?

        If it ever where to happen (which is very unlikely in any kind of near future), then I’m sure they would do whatever would be most beneficial for them.
        If that would be PC or not we cannot know…

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    1. Well, if thats the only case on what they are talking about, then it sounds like they don’t want to get in to PC games. Some people saying that Nintendo will continue to make consoles until the company fails completely up to 0% in there fiscal year.


    2. Good question….why did they make pc games in the past? Why did they allow cross play with pc and Xbox?, why do they make games for mobile? The answer….is money!!!
      Why did they say “games arnt art” because they are products and Nintendo wants to make money. …..but also remember that windows 10 not only has an app store. But it is across phone, pc, HoloLens, Xbox one, surface Hub, even IOT devices. The way you make an app on windows 10 also let’s you make it once and now available on 6 kinds of devices.
      So they actually have a lot of reason to do it


  1. So… They don’t care about PC. As expected, tho just like they make software for mobile they could by extension do the same for PC so that excuse only goes halfway.

    Difference with PC not being an issue is because it’s existed for decades and hasn’t been taking anyone’s lunch money. Mobile on the other hand is a casual monster, therefore all gaming companies had to adapt.

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    1. I think a big difference between PC and Mobile is that, in terms of how games are played, PC really isn’t that different than consoles. Nintendo can easily make unique games on mobile, which prevents their mobile creations from competing/interfering with their hardware creations.

      It’d be more of a hassle for Nintendo to make unique games for PC, and they don’t just want to port their games to PC because that could affect their hardware sales.

      I could see them releasing all their classic games to PC though. That way they could expand the reach of their IP, without risking a negative impact on their hardware performance. People don’t really buy a new system for old games.

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  2. But the site Play Nintendo doesn’t have some little games to play on the browser?


  3. “There are many PC users” Lolwut?! PC gaming has dwindled. It’s nothing compared to what it once was in the early 2000s. I remember a time where almost everyone who owned a console also owned a gaming PC (including me). Because there were many great games that you couldn’t play on consoles and online/LAN gaming was only available on PC and the resolution was way better. Now there’s hardly any difference between a console and PC (resolution doesn’t matter anymore) and as a result many console gamers only occasionally play a game on PC. Or in other words: There are a few PC gamers, not many!


  4. What about allowing people to use their PC to play some of their mobile game offerings? I’d very much like to give Fire Emblem Heroes a shot.


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