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One Of The Designers Behind Metal Gear 5 And Resident Evil 7 Joins Nintendo EPD

Nintendo EPD has recruited a talented new team member in the form of Jordan Amaro. Amaro is best known for his work on the excellent Resident Evil 7 and also Metal Gear Solid 5. Amaro started working with the Kyoto division since around January-February and is rumoured to be working on an unannounced Nintendo Switch game. Whatever it is he is working on, it should be interesting.


Thanks to N-Dub Nation for the tip!



  1. So what exactly did this guy design in those 2 games? Sorry if I’m not jumping for joy at this news.

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      1. P.T. had a short life, bound to become an amazing game but unfortunately was demised
        along with Kojima…

        After that happened, a whole lot of shit happened with Konami and boy…he’s definitely
        better off without them with everything that’s been revealed.

        They even blocked Kojima from getting health insurance!
        Thank god he’s got his own studio now and working on a brand new game.



  2. Awesome, but don’t get too attached to him. He seems to be a gun for hire. Great level designer, but he didnt last too long with either Capcom or Konami. Im sure hes a temp hired for whatever project he was needed.


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