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EU: I And Me Coming To Nintendo Switch July 6

Atmospheric puzzler-platformer ‘I And Me’ is coming to Nintendo Switch this Thursday, July 6, in Europe. The title boasts a story that progressively expands as players trek through and the game has four chapters to offer players with 92 levels in total. Ratalaika Games confirmed in a tweet below that the game is ready to go live in a few days time:

Here’s some gameplay footage captured by our good friend Nintendo Impact Gaming:

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5 thoughts on “EU: I And Me Coming To Nintendo Switch July 6”

  1. Random thought,but the switch really has made me come to appreciate indie titles. Before then I wouldn’t touch them but now I’m buying them often especially on other platforms. Glad to see nintendo welcome indie devs with open arms.

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  4. The power of the shovel… not really shovelware, but thi sin’t something that should run on a Nintendo hardware.
    There is some need of Quality Control.

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