The Specter Of Torment DLC Is Now A Free Update For Existing Versions Of Shovel Knight

Update: It turns out that the tweet is old news, nothing more than a reminder by Yacht Games that the DLC is out, which has been free since the DLC launched a few months ago.

If you have been wanting to get the Specter of Torment DLC for Shovel Knight, now is a good time. This is because Yacht Club Games has announced on their official Twitter that the DLC is now a free update, assuming that you already own Shovel Knight. All you have to do is update the game and you’re ready to go. We’ve included Yacht Club’s tweet down below, so feel free to check it out.




  1. This is not news. Specter of Torment has been free for owners of the original Shovel Knight since it launched. The only people who have ever had to pay for it are people who bought Shovel Knight: Shovel of Hope which is the cheaper version of the game that SPECIFICALLY only comes with the Shovel Knight campaign.


  2. “Treasure Trove is still “all the Shovel Knight campaigns” the tweet above is not new info. Just to let players know SoT is out.” Yacht Club

    This is SUPER OLD NEWS


  3. I forgot my pitchfork! I wish to join the angry mob, and I forgot my pitchfork! Of all the days. Forgetting your wallet before work is one thing. Forgetting your pitchfork in the even your favorite gaming news blog posts a story that didn’t happen ten minutes ago… is just careless!

    Maybe I can tape a few pencils together so I can join in.

    Whoever wrote this article should burn in the 7th circle of hell! Also, I hope you feel bad about yourself for the rest of the week! This kind of post is unacceptable and is punishable by burning at the stake! … damn, I forgot my bundle of twigs for the burning of innocent people. Damn. Forgot my pitchfork AND my bundle of twigs. I am have a really off day today. x.x


  4. Hey, when we’re finished here, can we go to twitter to Make sure Yacht Club Games knows they already told everyone about this, and that their tweet was old news and unnecessary? They said it’s “available now” and obviously didn’t get the memo.

    If someone could loan me some twigs for the stake burning, I am totally good for it! Onward my trusty mob!


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