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Splatoon 2 File Size Is 3.1GB According To The UK eShop

Splatoon 2 finally launches on the Nintendo Switch later this month and there’s an intriguing Splatoon 2 focussed Nintendo Direct happening on Thursday. For those looking to purchase the game digitally you will be pleased to know that the file size for Splatoon 2 is a mere 3.1GB. The information was spotted on the UK Switch eShop.


8 thoughts on “Splatoon 2 File Size Is 3.1GB According To The UK eShop”

  1. Gonna said very novice here but sod it. How the hell is something like the Resident Evil HD remake a whopping 19GB file size?
    know the PS4 is pushing more power, but the average file size is 50GB.

    1. Because Nintendo is more skilled at, and focuses a lot on, keeping the file sizes small.
      If I’m not misremembering MercurySteam (the studio that is developing Metroid: Seamus Returns) said in an interview that it was one of the things that they learned a lot about from woriking with Nintendo.

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  3. I believe that is already a larger file size than the original Splatoon after its final update. That’s definitely a sign that we’re starting with a lot more initial content than before.

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