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Splatoon 2 File Size Is 3.1GB According To The UK eShop

Splatoon 2 finally launches on the Nintendo Switch later this month and there’s an intriguing Splatoon 2 focussed Nintendo Direct happening on Thursday. For those looking to purchase the game digitally you will be pleased to know that the file size for Splatoon 2 is a mere 3.1GB. The information was spotted on the UK Switch eShop.



  1. Gonna said very novice here but sod it. How the hell is something like the Resident Evil HD remake a whopping 19GB file size?
    know the PS4 is pushing more power, but the average file size is 50GB.

    1. Because Nintendo is more skilled at, and focuses a lot on, keeping the file sizes small.
      If I’m not misremembering MercurySteam (the studio that is developing Metroid: Seamus Returns) said in an interview that it was one of the things that they learned a lot about from woriking with Nintendo.

    2. Nintendo recycle many artset, cartoon looking, not very high textures, and so on. Also Nintendo manage well everything.

  2. I believe that is already a larger file size than the original Splatoon after its final update. That’s definitely a sign that we’re starting with a lot more initial content than before.

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