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Mario Appears To Have Some Gray Hair In Super Mario Odyssey

It looks like Mario could be showing some signs of age in Super Mario Odyssey. A number of fans are pointing out that Nintendo’s mustachioed mascot has at least one strand of visible gray hair in the upcoming 3D platformer. The hair can be seen peeking under Mario’s cap and through his luscious brown hair, just above his left ear. See if you can spot it in the close-up of Mario’s head in the image below:

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      1. I miss the old days of legit gaming news and Sasori and Anubis trolling Nintendo robot master; now we a have civil comment section with a small glare on Mario’s render being classified as nintendo news

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  1. I have more gray hair than that, and I’m younger than Mario by about a decade. Get over yourself, Mario, come back when you have a real salt and pepper hair color

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    1. I don’t think it’s actually a gray hair. I think it’s just a part where you can see through to his scalp where there isn’t enough hair rendered to cover it. I would know, I see him everyday haha. The place they are talking about is just a bit above his ear. It’s covered under other hair so, if it is a gray strand, it is only partially visible.

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      1. Good point there. It’s obvious that fans notice his gray hair next to his ear, but I agree on what you said about his gray hair, might be his scalp. Besides, the rendering art design was really focusing on his looks. I still don’t see his gray hair.


  2. I’m more impressed by the fact that over the years Mario’s hair has become so luxurious and detailed we are now singling out individual strands of it.

    Videogames! In 2017! What a time to be alive.

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  3. Come on, don’t do that to our plumber. He still has so much unrealized potential before you can start graying any of his hairs.

    And video game characters are supposed to stay in their prime, especially platformers.

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  4. Some reasons this is pretty much wrong:
    1. Lighting; it’s extremely common for lighting to effect colors in pictures making it look like a character has different colors from the in game model
    2. The Background; the background of the shown picture is white and we all know that hair isn’t connected together in one piece, they’re separate strands, this could give off the illusion on a different color into hair, but it’s really just the background
    3. Miscoloring; though it’s not that often to happen with big budget games due to the artwork being handled by the art gods, it can still happen because even the pros can’t spot every tiny little mishap they made

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    1. I forgot this one:
      4. Skin Color; Mario’s skin is a more lighter white, as said earlier we all know that hair is separated in different strands, so the color of his skin can blend in with the hair surrounding his forehead

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    2. Well, come to think of it, the company really seems to be improve there ways of making the characters age recently. So, during there high budget games of there high standards, I think Nintendo developers really pushing themselves on this development. However, this game been in development in 2013 and the rendering of Mario hair could be miscolored.


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