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Niantic Looks At What They Could Have Done Differently With Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO is officially celebrating its first year anniversary today so The Verge caught up with Niantic boss John Hanke to ask him a range of questions regarding the popular Augmented Reality title. One of the questions that stood out was what would the team had done differently at launch, if they had been given the hindsight of its success.

Certainly if we could’ve predicted the future, it would’ve been great to have had an even bigger team working on the product so we could have even more of the features that we want in at launch. We delayed our ability to get to things like the gyms and the raids, and we haven’t gotten to the player-versus-player and some of the things we thought we’d be able to get to pretty shortly after launch. But we only had so much money, and we were doing what we thought was reasonable.



  1. Sounds like Nintendo barely funded the game at all, most likely Nintendo funded the game against their will to please the shareholders, displeased by this, Nintendo give Niantic a really small budget because they did not want the game to succeed at all, but now that the game became the most downloaded thing on the planet they changed plans midway, why Nintendo WHY.

    1. What…. the hell are you talking about? It was Iwata who approached Google to make the Google Maps easter egg years ago, which then led to him working with Niantic for this game….
      Pokémon Go is another one of the projects that the “not so great”‘ spearheaded, but couldn’t see it blooming and putting Nintendo back at the top of the hill….

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