Nintendo Switch

The Switch Apparently Has An Internal NES Emulator Called “Flog”

Modders have still been hard at work to figure out the Nintendo Switch‘s insides and discover any secrets that may be hidden. Sure enough, it has been discovered that the Switch seems to have an internal NES emulator. All we know is that this emulator is called “flog”. It’s likely that this emulator is what NES games will run off of when they eventually become available for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers in 2018.

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    1. You realize, of course, that the size of that image depends entirely on the size of the screen/window you’re viewing this page on, so that comment has absolutely no meaning on its own.

      If someone were to load this page on a 13″ laptop, by far the most common size, with the window maximized, for example, the screen in that image would actually be less than a quarter of the size of a real Switch’s screen. Maximized on a 27″ desktop monitor, a size popular for gaming rigs, it would be probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 30% larger than a real Switch’s screen.


      1. Lol ok let me clarify for you. When I see the picture it looks like the bezel the switch normally has is not there meaning it looks like the screen takes up the entire front of the switch. Nothing to do with how it looks on my screen . I’m looking from a phone btw

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  1. This is good and bad. On Wii, Virtual Console was available on Launch Day. So I can’t see why NES games aren’t available on launch day for the Switch.

    If it’s taking until 2018 for NES games to come to the Switch, that means that people at Nintendo are working their hardest to put the engine beyond its limits, with online play and all that.

    This better be the best iteration of NES games in the world, because Nintendo doesn’t leave people waiting for nothing.

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    1. Probably the emulator is not finished yet. Remember that the Wii U had a life time of year and a half less than the previous Nintendo consoles, so probably Nintendo had to rush out a lot of stuff in order to have the Switch ready on time and with a decent line up.


  2. Good shit! The whole shipping an emulator with each game was such a waste of space on the Wii and especially the Wii U. With some LZMA compression, NES ROMs should be the size of a PNG or JPEG and they’re like 15MB on the Wii U.

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  3. Awesome. And does it have a SNES emulator? And, hopefully, maybe, an N64, GameCube? I am very interested to see if they will be selling the same ancient games this gen, or if they will actually bring in games from 3 gens ago.


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