A Mario Maker Player Has Spent More Than 1,500 Hours Trying To Beat His Own Level

Braden “ChainChompBraden” Moor has made a Super Mario Maker level that is called “Trials of Death”. The level is very difficult, containing a lot of precise platforming and Mario spins. Moor has made it a mission to beat the level that has been undefeated since January 2016,  dedicating more than 1,500 hours on it. Moor has had some great runs, especially in late March. At one point, he was even in the second-to-last section of the level. Moor has even made some trailers for the level, and we’ve included his most recent one down below.

Source 1 / Source 2



  1. I don’t think brutality is necessarily better design. Game’s most essential reason is to be entertaining and that entertainment spans genres, styles, and difficulties. It’s also very subjective to how a person prefers to interact with the medium. However this is one of those preferences some gamers have and I’ve endured difficult platforming and found great joy in the rewards of mastering the precision required but this is certainly another level and is incredible to watch. It’s not something I could dedicate so much time to doing but I have to say it’s impressive to see.

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  2. After watching the video, it actually looks impressive. I imagine he’s beaten each section, just separately. Still, that’s an absurd amount of dedication. I both want to give him props, and drive him to a park and abandon him there so he gets outside. I can tell he doesn’t want to compromise, but he should add a checkpoint or two at this point.


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