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Runner3 To Feature Puppet Shows Narrated By Voice Of Mario

Runner3 is the latest entry in the Bit.Trip series and it has been revealed that there will be Puppet Shows narrated by the one and only Charles Martinet. As many of you know, Charles Martinet has been the voice of Mario since the early 1990s and was the narrator of Bit.Trip Presents…Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien. According to developer Choice Provisions, they wanted to have much more of Charles Martinet in their new Nintendo Switch title and it looks as though these Puppet Shows will be one of the ways they achieve this.

By completing a world in Runner3 and collecting certain items throughout those worlds, you will earn the reward of a Puppet Show that will provide more backstory for the game. One example given in the announcement was that the Puppet Show for Spookyland will show you what life was like before the world’s final boss, The Parliament of Owls, arrived and just ruined everything.

Runner3 will be releasing exclusively for the Nintendo Switch this Fall and will include such new features as double jumping and riding vehicles. There will also be alternate paths, item shops, and even side quests that has our hero Commander Video interacting with many characters from his world.


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