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Here’s The Full Official Recording Of This Weekend’s Pokemon GO Fest

The Pokemon GO Fest is now but a memory, but the official Pokemon GO YouTube has given people the opportunity to see a recording of the event. The recording is a replay of the live stream they did yesterday, but it’s now available to watch to your heart’s content. Lugia was revealed as the first Legendary, but it was overshadowed by technical difficulties and other problems. We’ve included the video, which has all 7 hours of the event, down below. Feel free to check it out.


4 thoughts on “Here’s The Full Official Recording Of This Weekend’s Pokemon GO Fest”

      1. The tickets are 20$, inform yourself before talking crap like this, is those people fault if they decided to buy tickets from scalpers. And who the fuck travels to go to an open event like this? Did you saw footage? is as simple as a festival can be.

        You and those attendees is why gamers are seeing in such a negative light, crap like this happens on other media events, sports for example, but they all understand shit happens.

        Gaming really IS the most immature community in this world.

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