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Mayo Wins Splatoon 2 Splatfest In Japan

Mayo or Ketchup? That’s probably the question that’s kicking around this weekend for many of you as the Splatoon 2 Splatfest events are well underway worldwide. Japan, however, has finished frantically inking turf; playing for their condiment of choice and the results are in: Mayo has won!

What team are you backing this weekend? Let me know in the comments section below.

Thanks Tom for the tip!



  1. Follow me on Twitter @Nintenmau5_MNN and check out my pinned Tweet! If I get 30 re-tweets and Ketchup wins in Europe, my forfeit is to drink a whole bottle of Ketchup… #TeamMayo

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  2. I was expecting mayo to be way more popular, both as a condiment and because of Marina, but I’ve been in two mayo vs mayo matches. Was that just my timing, or…?


  3. In truth i’m not surprised Mayo won in japan. Let’s look at the evidence shall we?

    1. Mayo can resemble ejaculate (semen)

    2. Japan tend to have a fetish for white substances, which isn’t always sex related.

    3. As stated by another member on this post Japan and lolis go hand in hand.

    4. While i like both I prefer Ketchup even though i’m on a diet.

    “side note it doesn’t really matter wat your tastes are just have fun and enjoy yourself.


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