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NVIDIA Praises Nintendo And Says They Are “Risk Takers”

NVIDIA’s CEO has praised Nintendo while speaking to various investors during their earnings call. As I’m sure you are already aware, the Nintendo Switch is powered by NVIDIA’s mobile Tegra processor. The success of the Nintendo Switch worldwide has taken everybody aback and NVIDIA has praised the company’s abilities to take risks with their hardware. Here’s what he had to say:

“One major component of it is the Nintendo Switch gaming console, and it’s just doing incredibly well”

“I’m so happy for Nintendo because they’re risk takers. They’re innovators. They’re not influenced by what other people do, and they’re original thinkers. And I just love the way they invented the Switch and the way they’ve taken it to market. I’m so happy for them. And it’s doing really well.”



      1. I can see Nintendo doing a Switch Pocket. There is likely a market for it. Maybe even a Switch Phone. Who knows what goes on behind those secret Kyoto doors

        1. They have the phone option too, but I doubt they will pursue that path. It would be good to have 3 different Nintendo Switch option to choose from, and since they are going to rotten the 3DS it could be a way to maximize the Nintendo Switch market.

        1. It’s really selling crazy, and I hope the next console will be far more powerful. I don’t really need to buy a (just) more powerful Switch in 3 to 4 years. I will wait patiently 5 to 6 years for a bigger jump.
          Also Nintendo needs time to expand itself to get teams big enough to tackle more graphically complex games.

    1. I think the next Tegra chip is Tegra Pascal.

      But this afternoon I was thinking about this. What Nintendo will do with the Switch after 2 or 3 years? After that question I answered myself saying: They will do the same with the 3DS. New Nintendo Switch.

      1. Yep. And like all handhelds before it. There is always an upgrade, you just have to decide when you want to jump in. And I decided to jump in later this go-around!

  1. just like the wii, the switch is paying off. luckily, this particular “innovation” isn’t laughed at by the masses.

  2. I think Nvidia is happy not only because the system is selling well, which sells the Tegra X1, but also the work from both companies to bring this console to life and made people happy and want to play it, makes them happy.

  3. Great stuff. The greatest gaming company of all time teaming up with the greatest graphics chip designing company ever…….together…. they’re a winning combination and it’s showing….congrats to both Nintendo and Nvidia :)

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