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NPD: The Switch Outsold The Xbox One & Playstation 4 In July 2017

The latest NPD report has been released, which covers the month of July. NPD analyst Mat Piscatella says that the Nintendo Switch has outsold both the Xbox One and Playstation 4 in July,  Piscatella says that this was “driven by new inventory released in support of the launch of Splatoon 2”. Speaking of Splatoon 2, not only was it the top-selling game in July, but it is officially a “system seller”. This is because the increased stock of Switch units has allowed more people to finally buy the console, right on time for the release of Splatoon 2. Piscatella says that “Year to date, hardware spending has grown 20 percent versus 2016 to $1.6 billion. Performance of the Nintendo Switch continues to be the primary cause of the year-on-year gains”.



    1. Increased stock refers to increased amounts shipped to stores, not how many units are on a shelf collecting dust. Most places won’t have any Switch units on the shelves for quite some time, regardless of how many get shipped out. It’s too popular at the moment. They could drop 2 million units world wide overnight, putting them on the shelves at closing, and by noon the next day, all those units would be sold.

    2. there were 7 in stock at my local Target because, to quote them, nobody expects them to have it in stock so they don’t bother looking

    3. That’s because they sell out fast, just because they increase the amount of stock that goes to store doesn’t mean you’ll have a better chance at seeing them due to how quickly the sell out, it does however give people a better chance to grab a Switch when a store opens and when they have them in stock.

      1. Yes people still say that and despite the lack of big AAA third parties here we are. It’s almost as if Nintendo handhelds don’t need those types of games to sell well.

      2. Yea, and 40 of them are Neo Geo arcade games. Right now the Switch doesnt have a very good library, and I haven’t touched mine since I beat Zelda. Xenoblade 2 and Odyssey should solve the problem this year. Let’s see how they do in 2018. Honestly my hopes are not very high given their track record.

        1. Shantae, Shovel Knight, Blaster Master Zero, Mighty GunVolt Burst, Sonic Mania, Mario & Rabbids, Xenoblade 2, Mario Odyssey, Sonic Forces.

          I have to go on?

          There are many games.

      1. A product I have sworn vengeance against? What are you smoking? LOL
        It’s an inanimate object. It has no personality or feelings. You realize that, right? …….right??
        Why would I swear vengeance against an object, what… I’m not even gonna ask when this is supposed to have happened, haha.
        I know you say questionable things all the time, but this has to be one of the most absurd things you’ve ever said.

        All apart from the fact that I’m far from being obsessed with the Switch, not even sure what makes you say that. But still, it’s flattering you care so much about what the guys and I do or say. Very cute.

      2. Yes it is an inanimate object, yet you and the other sure seem hellbent on mocking the hardworking people making it and the people that buy it. I think the Xbox One X is stupid, yet I don’t seek out microsoft sites to mock the people that want it. At this point, it’s just pathetic on your parts.

      3. Give me one example where I mocked the hardworking people behind it, or the people buying it. I’ll wait.
        Did I ever say I think the Switch is stupid? No, I did not. I’m here because I’m interested in Nintendo products. That doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to criticize anything about them. Criticizing something =/= mocking something. Sorry that I’m not a sheep that blindly agrees with all of their decisions, such as certain other people here seem to be, haha.
        Stop making an idiot out of yourself, please.

      4. Aww, calling me a sheep and idiot. Adorable.

        And you want me to go through the plethora of articles to find your comments? Point is I and others have seen you mock Nintendo on multiple occasion, as well as the people that buy the games. Thing is you don’t have to be a sheep to call you out on your crap. Shame you can’t figure that out.

      5. Didn’t necessarily call you a sheep in my previous comment, but it’s interesting you took it personally. However, if you really want to know, yes, I most definitely think that you are one, haha. Pretty sure I’m not the only one either, doesn’t take much to figure it out.
        And yes, you were most certainly making an idiot out of yourself for thinking people who criticize something must be hating it. And for thinking I care enough about a piece of plastic to have feelings as strong as venegeance for it. LOL

        And no, I don’t want you to do that, never said that. I merely expect someone who makes a claim to have proof for said claim. You can’t just randomly make an assertion, and have nothing to support it. If you remember it so well to have seen me mock Nintendo + the people who buy their games on multiple occasions for the sole reason that it’s about Nintendo, you should be able to recall and come up with an example. But you can’t, because I haven’t.
        I have disagreed with many things Nintendo and some of their supporters have done, but I have not mocked anyone just because Nintendo was involved. I think you need to learn the difference between mocking and constructive criticism. But then again, you don’t even really know what an opinion is, as you have proven in the past, so maybe I’m expecting a bit too much.

    1. Would have been more surprising if the Switch wasn’t at the top in July, with a huge new game like Splatoon, and the other two not really having any major releases, except for the FFXII remake on PS4 maybe. Does this really come as a big surprise to anyone? Haha.

      1. Hmm, not really in the West, especially when compared to Japan. It didn’t even make it into the top 20 software list for July. It released on the 28th of July, so that didn’t really help either.

    2. 1.Is selling the same amount the PS4/Xbox1 did at lunch during Xmas
      2.Given point 1, the Switch may outsell the competition by 2x this holidays and completely destroy the record they set before
      3.A console with no 3rd party support, only its own first-party titles, that pretty damn impressive

      I would love for you to give actual arguments besides “lol the ps4 is old who cares”.

      1. It sounds like a repeat of the Wii…..which didn’t go well for gaming in general, only Nintendo – since the majority of top selling games for the Wii were from Nintendo, and the glut of crap that came out on the console to take advantage of the motion control fad only hurt the gaming industry. So yeah, that 3rd point you made could easily be a problem in the long run. I still see the same sort of mistakes being made with the Switch as with the Wii and WiiU – Nintendo has just found another way of selling something different that actually is doing well, unlike the WiiU.
        FYI My comment is in the context of the the article and the stats, being that the Switch has outsold both of the other consoles. That in itself is not shocking in the least, since, yes…..those consoles are 4 years old. In the context of your first point? There’s more to go off of there. Whether the Switch has the ability to maintain it’s selling power for years in a row like the PS4 is another matter, and one I’m still cautious about happening given their previous track record and my above comments about Nintendo still repeating some mistakes of the past. If it doesn’t affect them negatively for the Switch, then it could do so for the next console just like the WiiU did for the Wii. If Nintendo is happy with having that sort of up-down policy with their consoles, then by all means, they should continue. But I foresee either a saturation point being reached for Nintendo’s ‘different ways to play’ with each console, especially if they continue to do what they want without caring about 3rd parties and the gaming industry as a whole. If I’m wrong, I’ll be happy to admit it. It’s just slightly worrying, but if that’s the way the industry is moving, then so be it.

  1. It’s pretty crazy how big Splatoon has become. I remember how negative most reception was to that initial reveal for the original Splatoon. This only means good things for the future of the franchise. No surprise seeing Switch outperform Xbone and PS4 though. Either way, it’s good news. Whether it’s a new console or not, I think we all remember how bad the Wii U performed despite it being the newest console at the time. I’m just happy to see Nintendo doing well again. They definitely deserve it – the Switch is awesome. It’ll be even better once they figure out a better way to do voice chat. That app is beyond awful (aside from Splatnet2, that works fine).

      1. The game production unfortunately seems very similar to the Wii U though. I guess for people who enjoy Arms and Splatoon that’s ok. For others not so much.

  2. James the Joker {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4. Awaiting Greatness on Nintendo Switch; just need cloud storage, add external HDD support, & make that stupid Nintendo Switch Online App on smartphones optional.} says:

    Meh. When the Switch is able to outsell the PS4 & Xbone in late October & November when Super Mario Odyssey releases on Switch & Assassin’s Creed Origins releases on PS4/XBone on October 27th (the date both games come out on), then I’ll be impressed. But for now, it’s nice to see the Switch is doing fine right now. Too bad it has no games that interest me til Super Mario Odyssey. (Already cleared the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Least til the second DLC pack with the extra story releases, anyway. Oh well. I got my PS4 with still a ton of games I haven’t cleared at least once yet to keep me occupied.)

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