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GameStop: Purchase A Nintendo Switch And Get 6,000 PowerUp Rewards Points

US retail chain GameStop has informed customers that if they purchase a Nintendo Switch with the company they are eligible to receive 6,000 PowerUp reward points. The company says it currently has the lucrative system in stock but it’s only available in limited quantities so you may want to check if your local store has one available.


  1. Oooh! $6 in rewards that are a huge hassle to use (and if you don’t already have another 4k points, it’s more like $3), what a great incentive. Not that you really need any extra incentive to buy the Switch, but let’s be honest you’re going to buy it from whoever has it in stock.

    1. If they dropped more games that can catch the mainstream gamers attention or games like the Witcher and cut the price just a bit then that’ll be enough incentive for the rest of us holdouts to cop one

      1. The Switch has been out for 5 months, and so far it’s got one of the best first party launch line-ups in video game history. I’m not sure what other kind of games are missing (especially when you look at what’s yet to come out). I guess if you mean games that have more violence and sex, sure the lineup is lacking. But if you’re talking about core gameplay experiences, it’s not lacking at all.

        Also, BotW is as good a game as the Witcher (if not better). It borrows some of the best aspects of the Witcher and improves upon them, while also introducing new concepts that will revolutionize the open world genre. The only thing that the Witcher does better is it’s writing/story (as cringy as some of it was) and it’s well thought out side quests.

        Unless money is an issue, I can’t really understand why any gamer would be weary of purchasing a Switch. I’ve never been a Nintendo diehard, but the Switch truly is a fantastic console, it’s well worth the price.

        1. For me money isn’t even a problem with the Switch it’s just that I’m not going to do what I did with the Wii & Wii U and cop a system that I’m at best going to buy 5-10 games for and that has 1st party franchises I don’t care for (the only exceptions being Bayonetta, FE and Smash Bros), if I wanted to spend about $400 I’d rather go and buy a few pairs of Jordans. As it stands now the console only has 2 upcoming games that I’d cop and those are the new Xenoblade and FE:Warriors, and I might not even cop Warriors even if I get a switch because it’s a reskin of every other dynasty Warriors so I’d probably wait anyways.

          Many gamers are skipping or hesitant to cop a Switch because Nintendo’s recent track record has been making consoles that have games that appeal mostly to the Nintendo diehard it really makes the rest of us go “I think I’ll sit this one out for awhile”. It also is pretty hard to market your console to a mainstream audience when your staple games are ones like Splatoon, Mario Kart, Zelda, and other games that don’t really have that same serious tone and that come off as a bit immature and child like. Splatoon is a great example the gameplay is OK but the game just doesn’t give off the same serious atmosphere like Battlefield, COD, Halo, & other FPS games. The Switch doesn’t need to have nothing but serious games but me and a good amount of people tend to gravitate towards more gritty games, we also gravitate towards games that have a plot we can get invested into like Horizon Zero Dawn, Halo, and games that have an atmosphere that drags you in like Until Dawn, The Evil Within, & Resident Evil 7. Even old school games like the Jak and Daxter games had a more serious tone even though they had a light and cartoonish feel at times.

  2. That’s adorable. I bought mine from Shoppers Drug Mart (in Canada). Got $170 off the price because their reward card actually accumulates real rewards. Plus, after buying the system, I earned enough points to get $10 off Splatoon 2. But good job GameStop. You keep on wondering why nobody buys from you anymore.

  3. I just went to pick up my CE Sonic Mania for Switch, and when clerk was pulling it out, a customer next to me told his friend, “aww nice, i will get a Switch soon “, Best buy employee then told him they had 2 available in stock, weird that they would not put it out to the public, you go to Switch area and dry and depressing… they need to change that >_<

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