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Here’s The Opening Cinematics For Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

I suspect the next game on most Nintendo Switch owners list will be the bizarre but extremely fun Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle for the console. The game launches next week on the platform and information is starting to trickle out from both Ubisoft and Nintendo. We’ve now got the opening cinematics for the colourful strategy title and you can watch the amusing events unfold in the video below.



                1. If you compare it to PSP-/DS-title Warhammer 40.000: Squad Command from 10 years back… Mario+Rabbids feels older and many steps and year behind that title; except from the graphics. Only thing you do is move around with a joystick and press A.

                    1. Haha, ofc you must. Should never rely on only one’s opinion. But it’s seriously lame after 5 hours. A.A.A.A.A.A. All you do.

                    2. Ofc comparing it to (Real) Fire Emblem or Xcom is wrong, because this game it’s meant to appeal to a broad audience like the Switch itself. If the games gets too complicated it will fall in sour taste at the general and Mario consumers. But for me the game turned out too simple for me.

                    3. Well I don’t play tactical RPG’s so it might be great for me in that regard.

  1. Cool opening, now everything is in place. They did good by releasing it.
    Commercial trailers are uselessly violent instead.

  2. I have a (pretty short) theory:
    The washing machine they arrived in is from Raving Rabbids: Travel In Time, an earlier Rabbids title. It could be that this game takes place after the events of RRTIT since that game ends in a Rabbid accidentally travelling back to the past and then back into the time period when the intro cinematic of Mario+Rabbids game takes place.

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