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Super Mario Odyssey Producer Talks About Miyamoto’s Involvement

Super Mario Odyssey received a lot of attention at this week’s Gamescom event in Germany. It was playable for attendees on the show floor and picked up the highly sought after Best Game award. The Verge managed to chat with Super Mario Odyssey producer Yoshiaki Koizumi and one of the interesting things is the amount of involvement that Shigeru Miyamoto had on the latest title.

The involvement of Mr. Miyamoto in this project is pretty similar to previous projects as well, in that we will go to him and say “this is the kind of game we want to make, this is what we’re hoping to achieve,” and he will look at it and give his feedback and advice and ideas. In terms of actually how much of his advice we take on, we have a degree of flexibility and a degree of autonomy. And for Super Mario Odyssey, actually I’d say he left us to our own devices quite a lot.




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      Mine too and I can’t wait.

  1. I’m so happy about this that means this game might be story base because miyamoto was heavily involved of galaxy 2 but took most of story out of it

    1. Probably not, story is pretty much never a big factor in main series Mario games, but what it does mean is that this game obviously sees a lot more creative direction.

      1. True. But what about the narrative itself? Rosalina does have a well written backstory, but the story of the game itself is still just Bowser takes Peach, Mario goes to save her.

      2. See my comment to Mike S, who said something similar. Mario’s a lot less about the story as it is tight gameplay, sound presentation, and creative concepts. Rosalina’s backstory is pretty much a rare anomaly in the series.

      3. Of course that isn’t to say that the game won’t be filled to the brim with charming characters and dialogue, but I don’t see it having any more a complex story than say Sunshine.

      4. Since when was sunshine story like the only thing that stood out story wise was voice acting galaxy had a story book that told stories it doesn’t matter I’m just happy to know we have another 3d Mario game

      5. Well that’s the thing. Sunshine doesn’t really stand out story wise at all, same goes for the other Mario games. So I’m fairly certain we’ll see the same in Odyssey. Where there isn’t really much of a story but there’s plenty of charming npcs to talk to while Mario collects moons.

  2. Good. The less of Miyamoto’s involvement, the better.

    1. Better it depends. I’m not saying that the team isn’t making a bad Mario game but, Miyamoto involvement it can be useful.

      Let’s take for example BoTW. The team behind BoTW decided to put a function that let’s you recover stamina putting a sword inside the rock while climbing. Miyamoto says: “How you can put a sword in a rock while you’re climbing?” This was a useful involvement because, in reality, how the hell you can put a sword on the rock while climbing? It’s really hard.

      In the end, it can be always good to see Miyamoto agree the ideas from younger developers, but also stops some ideas that for some are ok, but in real is a bad idea.

      1. There’s plenty of things in the game that are very unrealistic yet are in the game like animals vanishing into thin air if you chase them too long. His words on the matter would have been more meaningful if he suggested removing the ability to recover stamina using the technique as it’s still a pretty cool technique to see in action. It’s a fantasy game: FUCK REALISM!!!

      2. Ok but a game with full of illogical rules isn’t a cool game.

        Let’s take for BoTW again. Let’s think we are developing the game and we decided that enemys cannot kill Link, even if they hit him 9000 times. This is unreal because if you were hitted so hard you probably have to die.

        That’s why some realism must be putted on games.

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