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No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again Coming To Nintendo Switch

Fan favourite No More Heroes is officially back and this time on the Nintendo Switch. The new title is called No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again and it is exclusive to Nintendo’s latest platform in 2018. Here’s the details direct from IGN:

Unveiled as part of today’s Switch Nindies Showcase, Travis Strikes Again features the No More Heroes star being confronted in his trailer by TKTK, only to be pulled into the game he was playing — Hotline Miami.

A partnership between developer Grasshopper Manufacture and various indie developers will delve into six different games and beat their respective bosses.




    1. Oh yes. The first is actually my favourite Wii game! Great action game, so many good boss fights, a totally crazy story, but at the same time with a lot of depth unusual at the time, raising questions about the meaning of video games. It uses the wiimote in plenty of… innovative ways. The sequel was great too, more playable perhaps, but less profound. It took away a lot of the tedious mini-games, which were actually there to highlight the meaning(lessness) of the original.

    1. There were two games, and there was a HD Port of the first game for PS3 which includes blood that was removed from the Wii version… but it’s garbage. No More Heroes 2 included the blood and it was a Wii exclusive and it was awesome from what I’ve seen!

      Basically, think Devil May Cry but interesting charging mechanic and badass bosses.

      1. Yea I’ve seen gameplay before looks fun but I can’t bring myself to hook up my Wii and find a copy honestly even if it’s dirt cheap. I rather support it on a new system

  1. This is going to be sick! I absolutely LOVED the NMH games on Wii. There were a few other underappreciated games on Wii that might also have an opportunity to come back like this. Mad World and Red Steel. I won’t hold my breath for either of those, but I’m excited for this. Really, this game series is truly fantastic and fun.

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