Nintendo Switch

Minecraft Halo Pack Will Be Playable On Nintendo Switch

Good news for those of you wanting some Halo action in Minecraft as it has been confirmed today that the Halo mashup will be coming to all platforms that support the Minecraft Better Together update. So you’ll be able to use the Halo themed pack and skins on the Nintendo Switch. Sadly the New Nintendo 3DS version doesn’t support the Better Together update.




    1. unlikely because either Nintendo or Microsoft doesn’t want Nintendo themed MineCraft “mods” on a Microsoft platform because they don’t want to confuse/confirm that Nintendo is “giving up” the console race and going 3rd party. Why Microsoft is including the Halo pack is more of a ‘thank you’ for at least allowing cross-play so that Switch owners can play with their XBox or PC friends. Sony on the other hand may get the shaft aka the ‘bird’ for being selfish and not allowing cross-play and they will not get the Better Together update. As much as i like Sony they better get their act together because they will soon regret not working together with Microsoft, Nintendo doesn’t really care because they said ‘whatever you need to do, do it’ which may sound like they are being a snob but they know that it will benefit them in the long run.

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      1. Actually Microsoft talked about this the other day, saying that they can talk to like 4 different companies including Nintendo by simply going down the block. Honestly their relationship is closer than you would assume. They already partner on patents and some software. Clearly they are working hard to bring Minecraft to Nintendo systems, even the 3DS (which even if it dues sell well, it was clearly made in effort to show what good terms they are on)
        They are already talking about cross platform play with switch.

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  1. 2000’s: Banjo and Conker will never be on a Nintendo system again because Microsoft owns the rights.
    2010’s: Here’s Master Chief on the Nintendo switch.
    Will Nintendo allow just any IP on their systems? Let’s just hope Nintendo doesn’t use this as an opportunity to put Master Chief in the next Smash bros.


  2. The New 3DS will most likely get Better Together update, but not in the next 6 to 8 months. They already said what they have plans for the next half year, like 3D & local and online multiplayer & etc.

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