Nintendo Stock Is Up By Nearly 5% Today

Stock in Nintendo has risen by roughly 5 percent this morning. The reason for the jump is likely to be due to the Swiss Investment Bank who upped the lifetime sales estimates for Nintendo Switch. There’s also the news that Nintendo is set to enter China once again in 2019. It seems like Nintendo is currently on a roll with the Nintendo Switch platform which is extremely encouraging.



    1. Will all the respect to Mister Iwata.
      The Nintendo Switch was his project and I’m happy to see that his work is giving success to Nintendo.

      Thank you Mister Iwata.

    2. The stock is also up due to a deal with tencent. For a switch version of one of china’s most popular game honor of kings. With this nintendo hope’s for a path into china since the switch isn’t sold in china. Honor of Kings is called Arena of valor in Europe and will be launched in the U.S. under that name later this year.

      1. Goodness! That deal could be the key to Switch’s mainstream entry to China. I personally think there will be more MOBAs and MMOs coming to the switch through TenCent and Nexon.

    1. I’m just a bit curios about this First Order.

      What is it? and there are also the Second Order? The Third Order?

      And also, how many Commanders are here?

      1. What we are is simple.
        We are the embodiment of Nintendo’s might, in hype and in hardship.
        We are not Nintendo themself, which seems to be a common misconception; we are here to guide the masses into the understanding that Nintendo is the ultimate solution, both in quality and innovation.

        Commander Quadraxis might have more to add, but these are the basics.

        1. I understand the fact that you all aren’t Nintendo themself, that’s not a problem, but I agree with the fact that Nintendo is really amazing both in quality and innovation.

      2. This is so incredibly cringeworthy. Don’t you hve anything better to do than pose as some edgy overlords?
        And I don’t think I’m the only one finding the First Order folks annoying. Well, if you think it’s fun, that’s at least good for you.

        1. Uhhhm… to me the First Oder are only saying that Nintendo is doing great in everything.

          I’m a fan of Nintendo, so I and the First Order are on the same side.

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