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Check Out This Waluigi Mod For Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

The modding scene never ceases to amaze and this is no exception. Someone has gone through the trouble to bring Waluigi to Zelda: Breath Of The Wild via a skin that replaces Link. You can check out Waluigi in action running around Hyrule in the video below:



    1. He has a long way to go before getting his own game.

      He has to make a name for himself first in the Wario Land/WarioWare series. Something that he hasn’t done at all.

  1. All the console Waluigi games-
    The Legend of Waluigi
    The Legend of Waluigi 2
    The Legend of Waluigi-A Link to the WA
    The Legend of Waluigi-OcaWAna of Time
    The Legend of Waluigi-WAjora’s Mask
    The Legend of Waluigi-The Wind WAker
    The Legend of Waluigi-TWAlight Princess
    The Legend of Waluigi-SkyWArd Sword
    The Legend of Waluigi-Breath of the WA

  2. If nintendo released a mario skin for zelda I would pay money for it. Replace all the enemies with mario enemies. Play as mario. change the swords to hammers. It would be pretty cool.

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