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RiME Dev On Porting Title To Switch “It Was Good, Nintendo Supported Us Quite A Bit”

RiME has already launched on various other consoles but fans of the game are still eager to get their hands on the Nintendo Switch version which we should expect towards the end of this year. The folk over at NintendoLife recently spoke with RiME’s producer, Remy Chinchilla, at EGX this year and they got to find out a little more about the process of bringing the title to Switch.

NL: How was the process of porting the game to Switch and working with Nintendo?

“It was good. Nintendo supported us quite a bit. Tantalus worked with them before so they had a great relationship. So we started porting to Switch about a year ago and Tantalus had access to the kit early – they had early access. They had about 10 kits of Switch really early. The kits were really scarce, so we felt really lucky. We had the hardware to work so that was really cool.”

When asked about what they have done with the extra development time, Chinchilla spoke about the achievements feature that’s present on the Switch version:

“It is important. Back on PS4, we looked at achievements and looked at what we write in the achievements, so we don’t spoil the play but we give enough information so it’s relevant. All the achievements had context in the game, in the storyline and the narrative, so it was important to have that on the Switch as well.”

You can read the full interview here.



    1. If I recall correctly, I believe they decided to build an in game achievement system just for Switch. So not a hint sadly.

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