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Stardew Valley Will Launch On Nintendo Switch On October 5th

We heard that news was coming today regarding the well-received Stardew Valley for the Nintendo Switch and we now have a release date and pricing. Stardew Valley on Nintendo Switch will arrive on Thursday, October 5th. If you want a copy then it will cost $14.99.

Thanks to Ryu and ctmike1 for the tip!


  1. Never played this game but I’ll give it a shot since people talk about it so much. I’m not a fan of animal crossing because of the fact that days pass in realtime and I feel like the two are similar based on what I have heard about this game. Hopefully i have fun with it

    1. They are actually quite a bit different luckily. I feel like the main point of animal crossing is to do some harvesting and customizing of your town and house. The main point of Stardew Valley is just to be a farmer.. oh and an adventurer, oh, also a miner, and don’t forget a forester, and a fisher, and a battler fighting off monsters, and also a potential candidate for marriage! There is so much to do in this game! I put 20 hours into it and finally got past the first year and I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface! It is loads of fun and totally worth it. (Also, time doesn’t pass the same as animal crossing) I think each day is only like 12 minutes. And there are four seasons in a year. And if you ever have nothing to do one day, you can just go to sleep in the game and start the next day. I recommend it, and you have to buy it to try it and you’ll fall in love with it!

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