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Pokémon TCG: Premium Trainer’s XY Collection Brings Premium Cards To Retail, November 17

The Pokémon Company International is bringing a premium collection of exclusive Pokémon TCG cards to independent retailers starting October 20, and in the Pokémon Center and other retailers where Pokémon TCG are sold starting November 17 with the Premium Trainer’s XY Collection.
This collection is the competitive Pokémon player’s dream, with more than dozen full-art and tournament-ready cards, and a whole slew of awesome accessories. Here’s everything that comes in the box:
  • Full-art foil promo cards featuring Shaymin-EX and Yveltal-EX, with special art treatments!
  • 12 more full-art foil promo cards including Aegislash-EX, Jirachi, N, and more!
  • 2 Pokémon TCG booster packs from the XY Series
  • A metal coin featuring a Pikachu head and tail
  • 2 sets of 65 card sleeves featuring Xerneas and Yveltal
  • A double deck box featuring Xerneas and Yveltal
  • 2 sets of tournament-ready dice
  • A code card for the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online
  • A large, kickstand-style box to hold it all
Look for the Pokémon TCG: Premium Trainer’s XY Collection at independent retailers hosting Sun & Moon—Crimson Invasion Prelease tournaments on October 20, 2017. The collection will be available for sale in the Pokémon Center and at participating Barnes and Noble, Walmart and Gamestop stores starting November 17.


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