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Sonic Forces On Nintendo Switch Will Be 720p In Handheld And Docked

Dual Shockers recently had the opportunity to speak with Sonic Team Head Takashi Iizuka, Sonic Forces Producer Shun Nakamura, Director Morio Kishimoto, Lead Programmer Hiroki Tokunaga, and Art Director Yoshitaka Miura, during a recent preview event in Japan. The publication was told that the latest Sonic title will run at both 720p docked and undocked and that while the graphics run at 30fps, the controls actually run at 60fps to give Switch owners the best experience with the hardware.

“Tokunaga-san then provided some precise figures about resolution and frame rate on Switch. While PS4 and Xbox One run the game targeting 60 FPS, the Switch hardware can’t support that with this specific title, so the development team adopted an interesting solution: while the graphics run at 30 frames per second, the controls run at 60. This ensures that the way the player interacts with the game feels good, sharp and smooth, and isn’t undermined by the hardware’s capabilities. The team worked very hard to make the best of what the Switch can offer. As for resolution, it’ll be 720p in all modes.”



      1. Hmmmhope thisgame shapes well it already looks like a mediocre fail to most people and its starting to look like that to me, and I already preordered it because I like sonic he was the first video game character I was expose to oh well if they fail that means there gonna go back to hiding in shadows and only come out when Mario announces a new Olympics game, or when he announces smash

    1. For handheld mode, it has to be that way. Considering there is ZERO boost to resolution, not even 900p or dynamic resolution, this just means that Sonic Forces is another AAA third party title that built their port solely on the undocked specs. I wish more developers would take advantage of the extra power you get while the Switch is docked.

    1. I preordered DOOM already too, even though we don’t really know for sure how it’ll turn out. I’m still pretty psyched for Sonic too, though.

    2. $40 compared to $60? I don’t know man, unless you absolutely hate Sonic, $40 for a full game is nice.

    1. I’m gonna take guess here, I think they’re referring to input lag with 30fps? Since 30fps isn’t as smooth as 60fps, things won’t feel as precise. But if they somehow implemented 60fps controls, then it’ll still feel sharp but it’ll visually be not as smooth.

      What they’re saying could be complete bull though.

  1. Compared to everything else with this game, why is everyone so pissy about this?

    At least it’s on the Switch at all, unlike A Hat in Time, Cuphead, and Yooka-Laylee.

  2. One question… if the Nintendo Switch version runs at 30fps and the Nintendo Switch is supposed to be more powerful than the Wii U, then how come Sonic Lost World for the Wii U runs at 60fps?

    That’s quite a downgrade if you ask me.

    1. Because Lost World was built specifically for Wii U. Forces was developed for PS4/Xbox One, then ported to the Switch. If they had more time and manpower to work on the Switch version, it would probably reach 60fps (or 1080p, probably not both) with similar graphical limitations.

      Either way, the main reason to get the Switch version over other versions is for portability. (I’m just waiting for review scores before deciding whether or not to get it at all.)

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