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The Detective Pikachu Movie Starts Filming January 2018

You may remember that Detective Pikachu is being made into a movie. Well we have found out today that filming will begin January 2018. It’s set to be a live-action film and Goosebumps director Rob Letterman is reportedly heading the ambitious project. The script is by Nicole Perlman and Alex Hirsch. Casting announcements have yet to be announced but no doubt more news about Detective Pikachu will emerge in the coming months.



    1. though i think it will be a good movie mainly since alex hersh (creator of gravity falls) and  Nicole Perlman (a writer for marvel, i believe she wrote dr strange)

      1. Marvel movies got zero story and depth though , there fun theater movies but nothing legendary like Dark Knight for example that combines great screen play , script , music , acting , dark realism.

        1. I dont need my detective pikachu movie to have great scripting , music , acting , and dark realism

          (also i was wrong She actually wrote some of guardians of the galaxy, which had great humor so she can maybe bring some of that to this movie)

      2. I prefer if franchises I like become 250 all time movies 8+ rating because they deserve the best in my opinion , just imagine a real pokemon movie with battles and shit on the level of the lord of the rings movies or Star wars for example. Marvel movies are oke I even watch all of them in theater Guardians is fun indeed but when you look at the Dark knight trilogy for example its on a whole other level , wich is something I always hope for with my favorite franchises. If they would ever make a legend of zelda movie for example than Lord of the rings has raised the bar for the level of greatness it should be at, anything lower would be a dissapointment.

    1. If Nintendo would put me or anyone else in charge with half a brain they would become filthy rich with a Pokemon MMO , full range of affordable Nintendo merchandise , Hollywood movies from the biggest franchises , at the very least Pixar quality cgi movies maby even live action and eventually maby even Netflix Series. I bet I could think of more if I tryed but the fact that they haven’t done these things yet amazes me. Don’t forget they got late to the party with Amiibo aswell they could have milked that cow a long time ago if they weren’t so stubborn. I always think its because they are japanese but than again the most succesfull console company of the past 25 year Sony is also from Japan. (i’m fairly sure they won the first and fourth gen War by a landslide not sure about ps2,ps3 but they had a far superior game lineup for sure.

      1. Just an FYI but Nintendo didn’t join the console industry until the third generation with the NES. Nintendo won the third generation, the fourth generation, and the seventh generation. I do not know what planet you live on but the console industry has had 8 and now 9 generations if you include the switch as a ninth generation console!

  1. ??? Did we even get the game here? How come Japan isn’t in charge of this since its based of a Japanese game. That’s not released here.

    1. King Kalas X3 {I only buy exclusives that interest me on Switch. For everything else that interests me, there is PS4.} says:

      Who’s to say a rep from Nintendo of Japan ISN’T heavily involved in the making of this movie?

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