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Rumour: DOOM On Nintendo Switch Now Appears To Support Motion Control

We were previously told by DOOM developer Bethesda that the first person shooter wouldn’t feature motion controls. However, a more recent build seems to show that motion controls are an added option in the settings menu. The new motion control settings may have been added as part of the feedback that Switch owners have given Bethesda. The video containing the newly added option has been removed.





    1. Wii controllers were pretty anatomic to use with motion controls in a fps, do you think that switch ones are too? I don’t own one yet, so don’t know, but they look small to hold and point to the screen.

      1. That’s a good point. For some people the joycons might be ok; but I had a problem holding the joycons separately for Splatoon. They’re just too small for me to maneuver comfortably while playing. Instead I use the pro controller with motion controls and it works like a charm.

        I’ll try the joycons again for Doom, but if it doesn’t work out I’ll just go with the pro controller again.

  1. This will be very cool for the ones who want it but it isn’t really required for me. Motion controls or not having DOOM on the Switch is gonna be awesome….. especially when you add in the portability aspect

  2. Fantastic game. Already bought it twice. Would buy it again but the Switch pricing for this one (and many others) is totally off. Would love to support this but 39 would be a fair price. 59 is not.

    1. It’s $60? Come on man. I might bite if it has all of the DLCs or whatever but for a year old game that costs $30 everywhere else and has slight downgrade to compensate the hardware, it shouldn’t cost that high. $50 is an okay spot.

  3. I hope so.
    Gyro aiming > Stick aiming

    No competition. Aiming with just a stick is far too stiff. I can’t go back to it, it feels outdated. If this game has gyro or motion control of some kind, maybe I’ll get it. I wish shooters on all consoles would allow gyro controls like splatoon. It offers so much more precision. It’s not as good as keyboard/mouse, but it’s the closest it’ll get for a shooter.

  4. So apparently, according to reports, the motion controls aren’t used for aiming.
    Just melee attacks and glory kills.
    Also, you can’t use that with the pro controller, obviously.

    So yeah, looks like we’re still not getting what we wanted out of Doom’s aiming scheme, unless they change it in the near future via patch.
    Still gonna get it, but…

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