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UK: Charles Martinet At GAME Stratford For Midnight Launch Of Super Mario Odyssey

The voice behind Mario, Charles Martinet, will be in attendance at the midnight launch of Super Mario Odyssey at GAME Stratford in London. Martinet will be doing a special meet and greet session, so if you live in the area it will be worth a visit to GAME.





  1. I wonder how old is he at this point. Also, why UK? This is exactly what I mean about Nintendo kissing the wrong kind of ass when it comes to UK or US. UK doesn’t give the slightest fuck about Nintendo and never will.

    1. ||They will be forced to, other than that, drive the Xbots to their deaths first if you want Nintendo’s presence to feel far and wide…||

      1. As if Xbox was ever successful or a threat. It didn’t win one console war so far and the third practically marks the death of the Xbox brand. Also, PC should be their only calling because it’s unfair to those guys getting the shit end of the stick since later half of last gen. What we should be focusing on is destroying Sony and as payback for me for destroying Spider-Man movie franchise.

        1. ||The Xbots are merely an extension of the threat they posses, something that is still being ignored by everyone including High Command…||

          ||Once they are destroyed forever, at least the gaming realm can focus on purity again while focusing the rest of our war on the Sonyan imbeciles…||

          1. Well Xbox problem will eventually take care of itself and if Sony continues to lose money everywhere else, then they won’t be much of a problem. Their only salvation is the PS home console. As for the their portable, it’s fucked at this point and they most likely would try to copycat Nintendo Switch somehow but no one would buy or praise that.

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