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Check Out This Super Mario Odyssey Special Edition Unboxing Video

Hype levels for Super Mario Odyssey on Nintendo Switch are certainly at an all-time high right now in preparation for the release tonight. If you’re wanting a closer look at what the Super Mario Odyssey Switch bundle has to offer then you may want to check out the unboxing video below. Thanks to the folk at NintendoLife, we can now get a good look at it and everything from the packaging to the red Joy-Con looks gorgeous and will surely be a hit with fans.

Check the unboxing video out below.



        1. Zelda was a perfect time to own the Switch. XD But now we got Shantae, MK8 with the 9th coming soon, GameCube Controller support, DOOM, Wolfenstein 2, rumored GTA5, Metroid Prime 4, it’s just too much. XD The Switch among games isn’t showing any mercy for our wallets. lol

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