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Jimmy Fallon Goes Hands-On With Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo recently gave Jimmy Fallon the opportunity to play Super Mario Odyssey before the official release date and it is fair to say that he enjoyed the little time he got with the title. Jimmy is seen exploring and taking in the amazing sights of New Donk City whilst telling viewers of his findings. Jimmy Fallon has always been an avid gaming fan and it’s great to see his very positive reactions to Mario’s newest adventure that releases tomorrow on Nintendo Switch.



      1. Oh ok. I don’t have time for tv much either way, so I couldn’t really compare. I thought Kimmel was funny on the Man Show years ago. Haven’t really seen his night show.

      2. Such is the world. Ariel Winter gets a lot of undeserved hate on Yahoo comment sections, along with a slew of other women that dare to actually appreciate their body in a world where so many women feel they should adhere to someone else’s standards of beauty. There are plenty of other celebrities that deserve more hate than people like Winter & Fallon. Like Tom Cruise or Harvey Weinstein. Of course, it’s one thing to criticize & another thing entirely to outright hate someone.

        MNN’s comment section is pretty tame compared to the shitstorms I’ve seen on Yahoo & heard about on Twitter.

      3. Kimmel has a better show? No way Kimmel can screw off with his lazy material of relying on children’s reactions for comedy and emotionally manipulating the audience. I still refuse to forgive him for being infuriatingly dismissive to the Let’s Play community and people that watch them.

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