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Koei Tecmo: “We Bet Big On The Switch As A Game Changer”

Support for the Nintendo Switch has been on the rise since launch as more and more companies are wanting their software on Nintendo’s latest console. The library of Switch games has already grown to over 200 since its launch back in March this year. Koei Tecmo is a company that has been supportive from the start and recently stated in an interview that they ‘bet big on the Switch’ and expressed an opinion of other companies holding back before seeing the console succeed in the marketplace.

The chief executive of Koei Tecmo Yoichi Erikawa said the following:

“We bet big on the Switch as a game changer so we began making games before the Switch’s launch, but many software companies showed reluctance in releasing Switch games before they witnessed the current success”.



      1. Not the type of games released on the ps3 though I got around 20 wii games 30% beeing guitard hero games. I easily got 50 games (no indie crap but major titles) on my ps3. When looking at top 25 or top 50 game list for the wii its hard to find allot of great games aswell that are not made by nintendo. I even bought “The Conduit” for example just to have a nice shooter wich is complete shit compared to Cod Modern warfare 2 that everybody and there mothers played back than. I could go on with loads of other examples but I wasn’t amazing for core gamers like myself that wan’t to play all the must have games.

  1. Not sure if it is accurate to call it a “bet,” though. They also put their games on the Wii U. I’m thinking they just place their games on many consoles. Koei Tecmo is the kind of company that throws enough mud at the wall so, some of it will stick.

  2. The early adopters of the Switch took the gamble, placed their bets, released some of their games on the Switch, and it paid off. Now as long as Nintendo doesn’t mess up the momentum going into 2018 & beyond, they should do well enough. Not out of the woods just yet, though. Still got to surpass the 13.56m Wii U purchases.

  3. I’m sick of hearing there’s over 200 games on the Switch, when we all know that’s a lie. Know why it’s a lie? Because DIGITAL GAMES DON’T COUNT! I want to know how many PHYSICAL games there are. Because that’s all that matters to me (and many others).

      1. Having digital games is the same as not having anything. Just like all of those Ambassador Program games I downloaded on my 3DS. I never considered those as actually HAVING the games. I can delete all of those and wouldn’t even miss them.

    1. Digital games don’t count? Says who? Are you the elected representative of the worlwide gamers community? Please. Give me a break!

        1. The only advantages of digital is periodic sales that save money, convenience of not having more physical cluttering, account saves and cloud backups. As for physical, there’s the resale advantage, safe keeping of the game from data corruption rate although it can still happen but it’s rare and for decorative purposes you can display.

    1. I just looked it up. Ninja Gaiden released in 2004, 2 released in ’08, & 3 released in ’12, not counting the remakes & enhanced versions. ‘Tis a shame a Ninja Gaiden 4 in ’16 didn’t release to keep the 4 year cycle between original games going.

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