Reggie Says The Super Mario Movie “Left A Really Bad Taste In The Mouth Of Our Developers”

Reggie Fils-Aime recently spoke with Mashable about Nintendo’s association with other brands. As of late, it has been rather successful. However, it didn’t start out that way. Reggie took a moment to discuss the infamous Super Mario Bros. movie that was released in 1993. According to Reggie, Nintendo wasn’t pleased with how things turned out. Here’s what he said about it:

“That Super Mario movie from the 1990s … left a really bad taste in the mouth of our developers. I wasn’t with the company [at that time], but as I joined I heard some of the horror stories. It was a situation where, unfortunately, we did not have a hands-on role. We did not play a key brand champion type of role in [the making of that movie], which worked out so horribly.”



  1. This is coming from someone who loves that movie, warts & all, but that movie probably could have been a hell of a lot better if Nintendo had some kind of say in the making of that movie. The cast & crew probably would have had a much better experience on set, too, in the process.

      1. I have to say Nintendo has done great with some of there movies I don’t think anyone remebers or haven’t heard of this movie unless there a AC fan it’s forgot what it’s call but you could pull up the video easy typing in animal crossing movie it was more an anime movie, it’s kinda cool if you like AC and follows the source material good, it’s a shame it never release in the us there like one good fan dub at the moment though

    1. A fully voiced Nintendo short using the actors they want to play the characters would be a great way to test the waters for a live action movie.

  2. The problem with this movie is that hardly none of it stayed true to the source material. Everything was ridiculous. Including a Yoshi that was too small to ride, and giants with goomba heads. Their heads alone should have been their whole bodies. I’ll stop there.

    1. Tell me what pre-Avatar/Pixar-era technology in 1993 can be used to fathfully adapt a franchise with 8-bit/16-bit sprites and minimal exposition/dialog/plot, assuming they also made a point to ignore the DiC series, as well as “The Great Mission to Rescue Peach” (which STILL isn’t dubbed for the American audience).

      1. It could have been done with practical effects.
        One only needs see an interview with the producers of that movie to realize what went wrong.. Hollywood went wrong… Hollywood especially back then was bad about ruining everything.. and straying too far from the source material of things. In fact they are still pretty bad about it.

        1. CGI rendered Toads, Goombas, and Koopas weren’t even possible then. There was also the matter of Nintendo ambiguity with limited tech for sprites and caring about how Mario jumps than the lore of the Mushroom Kingdom.

          Nowadays Nintendo gives random Twitter posts that debunk (kill) many Mario mythos that have taken root with everyone. And it sucks.

          -SMB3 was just a stage play, not a GAME THEORY. (So the plot didn’t happen and characters/power-ups don’t exist?)
          -Miyamoto himself is Bowser Jr.’s biological mother.
          -Mario isn’t from Brooklyn. (But he’s wasn’t delivered by a story and raised by Yoshi in the Mushroom Kingdom, was he?)
          -Mario isn’t a plumber (Then what is he, just an Italian platformer?).
          -Mario WAS punching Yoshi (So he’s an asshole who deserves flak from everyone?).

          So for trailing off, but why do this so late, instead of establishing facts early on when we were meant to believe them.

          What’s next?:
          -Mario has no last name.
          -Mario and Peach aren’t a couple?
          -Bowser Jr. is Bowser’s ONLY child?
          -Koopa Kids are just contractors?
          -Wario and Waluigi aren’t brothers?
          -There’s only ONE Birdo, and HE is male?
          -The Mario games are just the equivalent of film sets and Mario spends his free time bumming around in Miyamoto’s office.

          Getting back to the topic at hand, technological limitations and lack of source material kept this movie from being every fans’ ideal movie. It was a different time.

          1. That was the original plan but that’s not how it actually happens in Super Mario World. Watch the animation again. Mario’s hand is going PAST Yoshi’s eyes so he’s not truly hitting Yoshi in the back of the head.

        2. When the guys who create those things aren’t involved in the making of these movies, Hollywood definitely fucks shit up very badly. Harry Potter & Lord of the Rings stayed pretty close to the source material when it mattered because JK Rowling & JRR Tolkien’s Estate were kept in the loop during the making of the movies. It also helps when the director actually cares about the source material & not about making a quick buck. The people in charge of Super Mario Bros the Movie definitely did not give a rat’s ass about the games & only wanted to make a quick buck. I think I recall hearing that the directors were pretty terrible at their jobs, too.

  3. Even Nintendo knows how horrible is that movie. I watched it 3 times but there is nothing related to Super Mario.

    Hey Nintendo, just make an animated movie. It will be better. Trust me

  4. While it may have not completely captured that Mushroom Kingdom essence, I personally loved that movie and watched it several times.

    I don’t really believe that the movie was as much a factor as he’s making it out to be, more so because even as young children my cousin and I both knew Nintendo had nothing to do with the movie. Idk, just seems like an odd thing to even say.


    1. It would hurt if they took your son and beat him until he was deformed beyond recognition. Or at least in my opinion. ;)

    2. Hah! I had a few cousins that I enjoyed watching this movie with as children, too! Of course, I’m pretty sure plenty of others had the same experience. Hell. We were kids. As long as it was fun, we honestly didn’t care if it wasn’t true to the games. It wasn’t til we got a little older that we realized it was a terrible Super Mario movie in spite of being fun. Some of us started hating it afterwards while the rest of us continued to love the movie for what it was: a fun, stupid distraction to watch on occasion when we wanted to just relax & have fun watching a stupid movie no matter how terrible we knew it was. lol

  5. Oh, NOW he tells us! Or maybe he’s just trying to be “one of us” and jump on the SMB Movie hate bandwagon.

    I still don’t think the movie was that bad, especially compared to Street Fighter (1994) and Legend of Chun-Li. But if the the developers hate it that much, then maybe they should get involved creatively in the production of films based on their IPs. What the hell were you people expecting in 1993, The Godfather, Citizen Kane, Star Wars: A New Hope?

    But no one EVER talks about any of the numerous Pokemon films (or that one Animal Crossing movie) when talking about video game movies.

    1. I fucking loved that terrible Street Fighter movie, though. It was funny as hell. And it was the awesome Raul Julia’s (the guy who played M. Bison but is most known for being Gomez Addams in the 1990s Addams Family movies) last film role. :/ Anyway, my favorite scene from the movie!

      1. We get it, “Of course!” and “Tuesday”. We know! Nostalgia Critic and ScrewAttack made sure we knew.

        But there’s a difference between laughing with it and laughing at it. Yet people (including developers years later) can bitch about how this movie hurts.

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  6. I think the Mario Bros. Movie left a bad taste in *everyone’s* mouths; even Bob Hoskins said playing Mario in that movie was the worst role he ever took.

    I only have it to watch occasionally and riff on, like MST3K.

  7. Maybe if whoever was in charge had made a Super Mario bros movie. Instead we got a What Really Happened To The Dinosaurs movie, with Super Mario Bros characters’ names. Sure, it’s a great What Really Happened To The Dinosaurs movie. But as a Super Mario Bros movie, it most certainly is not.

  8. It’s just one terrible ass movie with a likeable cult behind it. You wanna know what’s worse? Emoji Movie. What else? Live action Resident Evil movies that retcon the games. Anything else? Oh yeah, Pixels or should I say “Another generic Adam Sandler movie” which I’m glad it sucked because it finally put an end to his 80% shitty movie career that’s nothing more than Hollywood’s CoD franchise.

      1. And that’s it. My point is I’ve seen A LOT WORSE than Mario Bros. Movie and it’s a given that this is from the early 90s so they have limited imagination and resources to mimic Mario’s overall cartoony world. Remember Who Framed Roger Rabbit? I guess they were going for that with practical effects that doesn’t match Mario’s aesthetics well.

  9. With the way people are today, Nintendo would have to worry about folks getting offended by Mario’s Italian accent lol. Oh I can see it now..

    They’d probably switch it to his Brooklyn accent to avoid it.

  10. i love that movie.
    it has so much charmed stuff in it.
    bob omb… etc.
    maybe it could more be mario.
    but for me its perfect.
    i saw it over 10 times and the last time was about for 2 years.
    im 38. so yes its a cool movie

  11. i love that mario bros movie
    it has so much charmed stuff in it.
    bob omb… etc.
    maybe it could more be mario.
    but for me its perfect.
    i saw it over 10 times and the last time was about for 2 years.
    im 38. so yes its a cool movie

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