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UK: The Nintendo Switch Has Sold Over 300,000 Units

The Nintendo Switch is doing well globally but the company has often found it hard to gain traction in the United Kingdom. However, so far, Nintendo has shifted an impressive 300,000 Switch units in the United Kingdom. Games Industry is also reporting that Super Mario Odyssey is the best-selling release on the console so far in the UK, beating the wonderful The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Odyssey is the biggest Switch launch of the year, surpassing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. In fact, its first week boxed sales are stronger than any Wii U title’s debut, too. The game also resulted in a 64% increase in Switch hardware sales week-on-week, which means the machine has now passed 300,000 console sales in the UK (sales figures supplied from retailers). Also, note that sales from the online UK Nintendo Store are not counted in these figures, so these numbers will have been higher than reported.


27 thoughts on “UK: The Nintendo Switch Has Sold Over 300,000 Units”

  1. This is no surprise. This is UK, they fucking HATE Nintendo but love spend money on crap with Microtransactions up the ass. If there’s any nation I would consider a lost cause for Nintendo, them UK: United Krap.

    1. ok wow i dont why you hate the uk so much but that is literally the biggest load of rubbish i have ever seen. we love nintendo just as much as anyone else. 300,000 units in 6 months? thats damm good! its only been consistantly in stock for the past month or so. microtransactions are dumb i agree with you there, but im sure the amount of people proportionally who actually use those is virtually the same as everywhere else.

    1. lol You’re giving them more credit than they deserve. IDK if they’ll even hit those numbers seeing that they give zero fucks about Nintendo even with gimped FIFA18 which I think it sold like crap thanks to not having online play and those idiots are gonna blame Nintendo for it.

      1. You are a very rude individual. While yes the UK is mainly PlayStation/Xbox territory there is still a very passionate Nintendo fanbase here albeit much smaller. Don’t let your own bias or negative attitude towards the UK in general cloud your judgement although seeing the angry tone of your comments across numerous different articles it seems to be your nature, which is unfortunate.

          1. I said it seemed that you hate the UK. You called out UK gamers because they don’t play the switch. You called the UK the United Krap and you go to say that brexit was a wrong decision even though, to my knowledge, you don’t even live there. Stop complaining about the UK and just accept the fact that Nintendo isn’t too strong here.

            1. I never remotely said it was a wrong decision on Brexit. I just don’t get their angel on it and what it’ll accomplish. No shit Nintendo doesn’t do strong there but it’s not a huge loss. In fact, if they pick another demographic, it’ll do much better.

              1. What demographic? They are targeting Adults/Teens l, what more do you want? Them focusing on Old people and Children like the Wii days. Also, please do research before coming to a conclusion so boldly.

  2. France is way smaller than the UK combined, yet it holds 400k Switches, and it will hit 1mil by the end of the year, France is the only country in the EU that does not suck the FIFA, MMO’s, and Microtransactions dick down to the shaft.

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