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EA Released A Patch Fixing FIFA ’18’s Faceless Players Glitch

EA has released a new patch for FIFA ’18, and it fixes a glitch that really stood out. Previously, some FIFA players did not have faces. The latest patch seems to fix this. The  difference is striking, as a comparison video of the game shows. The first half of the video shows the glitch in action. The second half showcases the game with the new patch. The video can be seen down below, so feel free to check it out.


Thanks, Snorth93


      1. Ubisuck can go fuck off. I don’t want anymore stupid ass Rabbids because they’re not funny and their meme died 10 years ago and no more half-ass ports that reminds us how they fucked us over last time…I’m looking at you Rayman Legends. ‘Definitive Edition”? lol The Wii U was the definitive port and what did they do? Delay a completed game for more than 9 months just so they can RETARDEDLY release it with GTA5…thus dooming their dumbass purpose for pointless delay in the first place.

        IDGAF about Electronic Assholes And I’ll be damn sure to vote them as the worst gaming company when the time comes so they can happily shove their loot crates up their greedy asses. And what SW game they canceled? Isn’t NOT Battlefront 2 coming?

        1. No Ubisoft said that they will give us more games.

          Well about the rabbids, the crossover with Mario works well but it’s not one of my priority game to buy.

          Rayman is a good game but also this game isn’t in my priority.

          Personally I want Watch dogs on the Switch.

          1. …give us more games…you mean the exact same “support” they did on Wii U where it’s nothing more than constant “Just Dance” garbage and gimped ports? I’ll only believe it when I see it and they don’t have shit to prove.

            Fuck Watchdogs. If and when GTA5 port on Switch comes, guess what? FUCK UBISUCK’S GTA ripoff. GTA5 is so great, we don’t need or want another clone on the Switch especially when Ubisuck deliberately blew their chance to port it before Rockstar.

  1. I swear… EA are very unfair… How can they judge their support for the switch on the basis of the adoption of a half-baked version of FIFA… Knowing fully well that anyone who wants the definitive experience will buy a PS4?

    They can now get lost.

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