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Nintendo Improves Splatoon 2 SplatNet 2 App In New Update

Whilst the Nintendo Switch Online App doesn’t offer a whole lot at the moment, the Splatoon 2 companion app, SplatNet 2, is useful for some. It allows players to keep track of match statistics, map rotations and it even has a shop where you can buy items to use in-game. Nintendo has rolled out an update that improves the app whereby more focus is on Salmon Run. Fans will now get to see current Salmon Run events and also upcoming weapons and shifts. Finding the Gear Shop has also been made more accessible with a shortcut for the shop now added.

11 thoughts on “Nintendo Improves Splatoon 2 SplatNet 2 App In New Update”

  1. Add private room chat with your friends that spans the whole game and while the system is on and you have yourself an app I will use.



  2. *slowly clapping* Well done Nintendo. Still no Salmon mode being available 24/7 and no voice chat in the system itself. Wake me up on the day that it actually means shit to me. It’s gonna be a LONG ASS beauty sleep.

    1. I admit I would like Salmon Run to be constantly open but honestly, I’ve gotten used to it. Plus when it is open it is open for a good length of time so while I still would like it to be 24/7, it’s not as bad as people make it out to be.
      As for voice chat, well to be honest I hate random voice chat so for me, it’s no issue but I can understand the frustration.

  3. I think we should see a vast improvement next year. The service will be chargeable then and so I have high hopes that the app will be much more comprehensive. Here’s hoping!

    1. The Splatoon part of the app is great and it’s the only video game app that I’ve ever used. I’d still like some of the information to be available in game after a match, like deaths and assists, but I like it a lot.

      There’s a lot of potential and I’d like to see more games get a similar treatment.

      1. Yes! But I meant that I would like to see that information in the game itself without having to go into the app afterwards. Thank you though!

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