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The Snipperclips Devs “Hadn’t Heard Any Other Offers” From Publishers Before Nintendo Got The Game

The Verge recently published an interesting piece on Snipperclips, with some remarks from Tom Vian of SFB Games. It turns out that SFB Games pitched the game to multiple publishers, but none of them had sent them any offers. In fact, Tom admits that “we actually hadn’t heard any other offers” from publishers. Only one publisher decided to take the game, and that was Nintendo. Here is what was said about the matter in full:

Even with the game in such an early state, with placeholder art and some rudimentary puzzles, the brothers knew they were on to something. “We were already laughing really hard at this thing that we made,” says Tom. Up until that point, the tiny studio, which was founded in 2012, had mostly focused on Flash and mobile games. But they had high hopes for Snipperclips, and they started pitching the idea to publishers, hoping to get some funding to turn it into a bigger production.

One of those publishers was Nintendo. Earlier in 2015, the pair had met a representative from the company at a European games show, and they kept his card handy just in case. While it seemed like a long shot, they felt that Snipperclips would be a great fit for Nintendo, with the game’s family-friendly aesthetic and focus on local multiplayer. They weren’t the only ones who saw the connection — eventually Nintendo agreed to publish the game. “We actually hadn’t heard any other offers,” says Tom, “so it worked out perfectly.”


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  1. I’m really glad that it’ll have an in-store presence this holiday season. Tons of parents and grandparents are going to see the game and price, and pick it up. Congrats to the Vain brothers!!!

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