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Artist Behind Titanfall And Destiny To Bring His Game Sleep Tight To Nintendo Switch Next Year

Sleep Tight, a twin-stick Pixar-like game, will be available to play on Nintendo Switch in the first quarter of next year. The news came from the studio behind the intriguing and fast-paced title, We Are Fuzzy. Along with the awesome name for a studio, the staff line-up there is even more impressive. Studio co-founder Maxx Burman, whose art and visual effects talents have gone towards games like Far Cry 5, League of Legends, Call of Duty, Destiny and Titanfall. Accompanying Burman are also some individuals who worked on some major Pixar films like Big Hero 6 and the brilliant Wreck It Ralph.

The indie studio says that Sleep Tight is “adrenaline pumping arcade-style, twin-stick shooter with base-building elements” which puts you in control of a boy who has to fight off monsters when the sun goes down.

Interestingly, Sleep Tight has only been confirmed for Switch and Steam so far.

You can check out the game in action below.



  1. Whoa whoa. Wait a minute. You mean the same cunts who got sober over TF2 flop sales and bitched about Switch’s performance despite NEVER TOUCHING IT ONCE IN THEIR LIVES, are porting a game for it? How deliciously ironic. lol

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