US: SNES Mini At Walmart’s Site From 11AM PT On November 15th To 17th

Nintendo has held true to its promise and is still delivering stock of the lucrative SNES Mini. Walmart has said that it will have stock available on November 15th beginning at 11am PT. They will have stock available until November 17th so it’s the perfect time to pick one up for yourself or give one to someone as a Christmas gift.


  1. Just wonderful, Nintendo. Now that I’m broke. You know, with all of those promises from Reggie of having more stock throughout the year and beyond, I thought that I was going to start seeing these on store shelves everywhere. But it still hasn’t happened.

    This should not be an item that people have to rush down to stores in hopes of not missing out. Even the Switch is in stock everywhere I go now. I thought that would happen with the SNES Classic as well. Not just small little shipments every now and then.

    1. The only time people should be surprised is when Nintendo actually sticks to their word.

  2. 15th to the 17th? Hah! I’ll be surprised if they last past 1pm, much less til the end of the 17th! Unless this is going by demand, so if say 7m people order one during those days that they’ll actually send out 7m SNES Minis to those 7m people.

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